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Please read the message from Dukes fosterers

  • Breed : German Shepherd Dog Mix
  • Gender : Male
  • Age : 14 years old (approx.)
  • Size : Large
  • Good With Dogs :
  • Good With Cats :
  • Good With Children :

For more information call us on 01494 482695

Duke was brought into Stokenchurch by his owner, that same week, and Stokenchurch were told that if they didn't take him, then his owner would leave him tied to the side of the road. Duke was very distressed and didn't get on with other dogs or people, so could not settle at Stokenchurch. Stokenchurch knew that we would be more likely to be able to handle him, so they asked us if we would be interested in taking him on long term, as with his behaviour they wern't looking to re home him with a family. 

We picked him up that same day.  He was very agitated on the car journey home, and spent the first hour at our house, trying to get out of our garden.  But slowly he began to settle down, and our cat soon let him know who the boss was HER!

Right from the start it wasquite obvious that he did not appear to have had ANY hugs or friendly contact with anyone, as he shied away at first, when we approached him, to give himeither a hug or to stroke him. 

The first time Christine the fostering coordinator came by, to see how he was settling in, we found out that he had become very protective of us, as he niped her when she went to leave. Not because  he was vicious, but because he felt she was a threat to us. So he tried to niped her, just as a warning to her, that she was too close to us, like they do, when herding sheep, to keep them in line, and not intended to hurt.

After this we stared to muzzle him when we went out with him, just in case, untill we got to know his ways. We started teaching him that it was ok for people to approach us and him. He growled at most adults that approched us when we were out walking him. But at the same time he would let children approach and stroke him, he seemed to instinctively know that they were children and no threat. So we asked some of our good friends, if they would be prepared to come around, as often as they could, knowing how insecure he was, and that he would growl at them, so that he could learn that people calling in were ok. They were more than happy to do this, and this went a long way to help him to adjust to people, and become the friendly dog he is now.

He's been with us for 5 years now and he is a completely different dog, his muzzle is a thing of the past, he is a happy & contented dog. And we are makinglots of good memories. 

Like the first time we took him to the park, the first thing he did was jump into the stream closely followed by my very surprised husband, who had not planned on going for a paddle that day, but with Duke's help he did. 

Or a couple of years later, we were pleased to be able to watching him laying in our garden, being stroked by our gradchildren, closly supervised by myself and my husband, to protect Duke from them. They live in Scotland, so we don't get to see them here very often, it's normally us going up there to see them.