15th Nov 2016

Fund Raising Update

We are pleased to report the following amounts raised at recent events


21st May               Aylesbury Street Collection £600.06

21/22nd May         Stall at Fawley Hall Vintage Weekend £286.60

29th May               Table Top Sale £1,341.49

5th June                Dog Show at Horses Trust, Speen £173.00

25th June              Table Top Sale £1,198.37

17th July                Summer Open Day £5,050.00

25th July                Table Top Sale £1,312.50

26th July                Summer Raffle £2,390.00

27th Aug                Table Top Sale £1,117.47

18th Sept               Gala Dog Show £2,522.32

24th Sept               Table Top Sale at the kennels £1,326.70

2nd Oct                  Sponsored Dog Walk £4,200.00 pledged

15th Oct                 Thame Street Collection £624.42