06th Jun 2014


Hi everyone at Stokenchurch Dog Rescue,

I’d like to give you an update on Dylan, a black brindle, Staffordshire bull terrier we adopted from you in July 2013.

Our family was unsure about whether getting a Staffordshire bull terrier was the right option, but now we are asking ourselves how we actually lived without one! They are said to have a really bad reputation, but I don’t believe any of those lies. They are the sweetest little pooches you could ask for.

After years of pleading my parents to get a new family companion, we finally got one, Dylan! I am so happy we chose Dylan, because there is no other dog like him. He is my best friend and never leaves my side. Yes, we tell him off when he’s naughty, but all he wants to do is give you his paw! He is so sweet and caring.

At the beginning (when we first adopted him) Dylan wanted his own space, and wasn’t too keen on cuddles and kisses. However, he has now settled in and has adapted to the new way of life. He now always wants cuddles and kisses from me and my brother, sometimes he even jumps on our backs!

Dylan gets upset when we leave for school in the morning, but is overjoyed when we return. He is so trustworthy; we can even let him run about on the front garden when we are taking in the shopping! In a way, we always know he will come back. We don’t need a lead for him when we take him for walks and he gets on with many other dogs. However, his best doggy friend is Humphrey, a black and white Jack Russell Terrier who was also adopted from SDR.

He is ALWAYS concerned if you have hurt yourself or if something happened. I just don’t know what I would do if he wasn’t with us. However, we do spoil him a bit too much. ‘Daddy’ always gives him a few treats for being a ‘good boy’, which is not a lie. He is always a good boy. I just can’t express in words about how much I love him…

Millie Argent (12)