15th Aug 2015


The very nice lady at Stokenchurch asked my mum to write for the newsletter but she didn't feel confident enough to do it, so she asked me. I was all for it because I'm bursting with happiness now that I have found a new forever home.

I was not an abused or unwanted pet, far from it. I was well looked after and loved in my original home. I did have a companion dog to live with, older than me, and I am sorry to say that one day we got into a fight about a toy. I could have done a lot of damage and because I wasn't there first it was only fair to rehome me. My previous owner was so distraught and upset to have to do this, but we knew it was for the best.

Although I'm of good temperament and small I'm not keen on younger children, probably wouldn't hurt them but I can be a bit boisterous. I also like to explore outside my own garden and have a habit of jumping over high fences. That was two strikes against me. I was looked after by the wonderful people at Stokenchurch for almost 7 months, and it seemed as if no-one would ever take me.

Then, one Sunday afternoon in June, this older couple came to view us in the kennels. I could tell that they were nice people, but they seemed a bit sad, it turned out that they had lost their dog only a week earlier, she was 15 and very ill. Well I did my normal trick of leaping up the glass door when they looked at me, I can jump, and then some. It didn't seem to deter them much, but they passed by to look at others. Blown it again I thought. But no, to my delight they came right back and were allowed to take me for a walk and let me go to the fenced area, where I could run off the lead. All going well I thought, then I nearly blew it again, I went berserk off the lead, charging up and down at my usual speed of 100 miles an hour. They seemed quite amazed, but I could tell they were wondering if they could give me enough exercise and stimulation, I did mention that they were older people didn't I. She'll be fine the lady said, you can take her for long walks she said to the man.

Well that was it, I had won their hearts, in fact I could see tears in their eyes when they had to put me back in the kennel. They wanted to take me straight away, but I had to be protected from nasty folk, so a home visit, had to be arranged first. It all happened so fast, things just slotted into place. It was meant to be.

By the next Tuesday I was in my new home. I love it here. Mr takes me for long walks and Mr and Mrs both play with me whenever I want, in fact they tire me out. I was so lucky, and I have heard them say the same thing. They talk of Milo, the dog they lost and how they thought, and spoke, of never going through that again.

We are all glad they changed their minds. I sleep with them in bed, I like to snuggle up to the lady and if she gets up I go over to Mr, never short of company. They take me everywhere with them, although I'm never off the lead as I could get a bit pre-occupied and chase anything that moves, but I don't care. I am a spoilt little lady, and thanks to the training and love I was given at Stokenchurch I have found my forever home. I just wish the same for all my old kennel mates.

Thank you for reading my story. Off to have some treats now as my pads are sore from writing.

Love Gracie xxxx