20th Jul 2014


Hello there,

28th February 2014 is a day the Rutland household is never going to forget, well at least not in a hurry, for that is the day that our little quiet home became a little louder, a lot cosier and most definitely more complete because we adopted our Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Mouse.

Getting a dog was a tough decision until we met this little bundle of complete muscle and absolute joy, we knew almost instantly that we wanted her to join our little clan and make us the four musketeers, not least because of how well received she was at Stokenchurch by all of the staff. They say the dog often chooses you and Mouse was no exception to this, straight up and sniffing at the glass as we approached her for the first time and it was truly love at first sight for us all! The drive home was blissful with Mouse curling up on my lap and sleeping virtually the whole way home no trouble completely sealing the deal that we had done the right thing, and these days we often wonder how we managed without her in our lives as she is truly part of our family.

Mouse loves her walkies, and this is pretty much the only time we even hear a peep out of her, as she is true to her name any other time, but at the mention of the word she will talk eagerly to us about going out to the lake to chase the birds and ducks that always manage fly away, hunting in every crevice of the bushes for “C.A.T.S” or her desire to go frockling off lead in the long grass with a stick in mouth – just three of her favourite past times to do whilst out. We have had a few hiccups with other doggies as Mouse is definitely more of a people-dog than a doggie-dog but now she knows to sit nicely as they go by and she makes more and more progress every day, which makes us so, so proud of her.

She is a very clever dog as she came to us already knowing how to ‘sit’ which she can now do at the roadside and 5 months later can now ‘lie down’ and ‘high 5’/’paw’ on command too with a little encouragement from Gingernut biscuits, or her absolute favourite of Marmite on toast (luckily the rest of the household approves of her taste too!)

Mouse has settled beautifully into our home and we hope she is as happy as we are with her living here – she is definitely a spoilt little pooch but we wouldn’t have it any other way! We have Stokenchurch to thank for this wonderful addition to our home and they do fantastic work with dogs and are definitely the best rescue centre around, thank you so much guys for all your hardwork, time and dedication – Mouse is a prime example of it paying off!