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Do you have the experience Boomer is looking for?

  • Breed : Newfoundland Type
  • Gender : Male
  • Age : 10 months old (approx.)
  • Size : Extra Large
  • Good With Dogs : Yes - Similar play style
  • Good With Cats : Possibly
  • Good With Children : 16 years and over

Thinking of adopting?

For more information call us on 01494 482695


Boomer is an excitable young boy who is looking for a home with owners who have giant breed experience.


Boomer has settled in well to the daily routines and is always happy to greet his handlers. He can get a little stressed in kennels when he can see his handlers around, as all he wants to do is be with them. As he is so people orientated, Boomer will need a home with owners who are home most of the day to give him all of the attention he craves.


Boomer loves his time spent out in our enclosed areas and enjoys running around and chasing his tennis balls. He hasn't quite understood that he needs to pick the ball up and bring it back in order for the game to continue, but he enjoys himself nevertheless. New owners may also enjoy taking Boomer swimming when he is fully settled with them, as Newfoundlands in general are true water magnets.


He is quite the excitable boy and can be quite rude when playing with his handlers. New owners will need to make sure they do lots of training with him and his manners, as he loves to jump up at his handlers a lot. As he is a big dog he may accidently hurt or knock someone over during his excitement. He will also need to have some recall training before being let off the lead in public areas, as his recall is currently a little hit and miss.


Boomer has been mixed with other dogs since his arrival at SDR and has shown to get along well with them. He gets very vocal when he sees another dog, as he can get quite excited to greet them. Boomer can also get very boisterous during play, so if he is to live with another dog they will need to be able to deal with his boisterous play style and not be worried about his size.


Due to his breed, Boomer will need to be groomed at least 2 times a week to make sure his fur doesn't get matted. New owners should also be aware that Newfoundlands do moult and drool a lot and should be prepared to deal with this aspect of the breed. Due to their double coat he may also take a little longer to dry than most dogs.


In the right home with owners who are able to give Boomer the love and mental stimulation he needs, he will make a truly wonderful, goofy and fun-loving companion.

Can you offer this lovely boy a loving and permanent new home?