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Floyd is looking for someone who will provide all the necessary training and socialisation that he requires

  • Breed : Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog Type
  • Gender : Male
  • Age : 1 year, 3 months old (approx.)
  • Size : Large
  • Good With Dogs : No
  • Good With Cats : No
  • Good With Children : 16 years and over

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Pre-Adoption Questionnaire

Floyd came into SDR through no fault of his own, his owner didn't have the time that Floyd requires to keep him physically and mentally stimulated.  He is a big, boisterous puppy who doesn't know his size nor his strength.

He has settled into kennel life reasonably well.  There are times he can get a little worked up when dogs or people are passing by his kennel door and this results in him lunging and barking at the door.  In order to prevent him from practising this behaviour and to help keep stress levels to a minimum, we have found having him kennelled in a quieter area of the rescue has really helped and he is much more settled and relaxed without the other dogs around him.

Like most dogs, Floyd does get very excited when he knows he is about to go out for a walk or play and this can result in him jumping up at you.  He is an adolescent Bulldog who will need further training as he can test the boundaries at times. Floyd requires someone who has had previous experience with large Bulldog types, so they can pick up on all the traits and foibles that come with a dog like him. He will also need someone who has plenty of time on their hands to continue his training and provide extra activities that will keep him occupied and get the most out of his day.

Floyd will require at least two one hour walks per day.  He would also benefit from being taken to a secure field once or twice a week so he can burn off some of his excess energy as well as having access to a good sized garden.  Floyd can be reactive to other dogs when being exercised in our enclosed areas, but with training this is gradually starting to improve.  We would highly recommend that new owners work on training a solid and reliable recall before contemplating allowing such a large, boisterous dog like Floyd off lead in open areas.  His previous owner always used a long line when out walking Floyd to give him some extra freedom as his recall requires some work.

At present we are working on Floyd’s loose lead walking, as he does have a tendency to pull and 36kg of Bulldog is a lot to be holding back. This is something that his new owners will have to continue working on once Floyd arrived home. He is very quick to pick up new training and despite being a big goofball does show he is willing to learn new skills, so with the right motivators training Floyd shouldn't be too difficult.

The type of home Floyd is looking for is with someone who has the understanding and patience to help Floyd learn from his peccadilloes.  It's vital that he is kept stimulated through further training, exercise and mental stimulation to keep both body and mind healthy.

Floyd is a fabulous, albeit slightly boisterous dog who is willing to learn new skills and in the right home, will make a fabulous addition.

The adoption fee for Floyd is £200