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Do you have a forever home for this wonderful little lady?

  • Breed : Staffordshire Bull Terrier Type
  • Gender : Female
  • Age : 3 years old (approx.)
  • Size : Small
  • Good With Dogs : No
  • Good With Cats : No
  • Good With Children : 11 years and over

Thinking of adopting?

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Lacey is a wonderful, lively girl that loves to get all the attention from anyone who will give it to her. She came into our care through a pound that we work closely with. She is happy in her kennel but she would much prefer to be out playing with her handlers and exploring her environment. She is a very inquisitive girl and loves to spend time investigating her new surroundings.

Lacey loves spending time cuddling and getting lots of fuss from her handlers and giving them lots of smooches. She loves to play and will occassionally play a game of fetch with her tennis balls when there are no other more interesting distractions.

Lacey would like to have all of the attention and therefore she will have to be the only dog in the home. Due to her behaviour around other dogs, she will have to be muzzled when out in public. She is happy to walk passed other dogs from a distance and will listen well to her handler, but she does not want them to get too close.

She seems to have had some previous training and currently knows the commands sit, down and paw. She is also well behaved on the lead and does not pull. Lacey would enjoy learning new commands with her owners and she may even enjoy some extras activities such as agility. As she is very interested in investigating her surroundings, she may enjoy scent work. She will love any job you give her, as long as it means she gets to spend her time with you and get lots of fuss and attention.

In the right home with owners who have had Staffordshire Bull Terrier experience, Lacey will make a wonderful, fun and loving companion.

Can you offer this lovely girl a loving and permanent new home?