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Reggie is a wonderful boy looking for his new home

  • Breed : Lurcher Type
  • Gender : Male
  • Age : 4 years old (approx.)
  • Size : Medium
  • Good With Dogs : Not to live with
  • Good With Cats : No
  • Good With Children : 11 years and over

Thinking of adopting?

For more information call us on 01494 482695

Reggie is a sweet, affectionate boy who arrived with us as a stray from the local pound. He has settled into kennel life well but much prefers to be out and about with his carers, so much so that he will bark quite a bit in the kennel if he knows you are around. Due to this we would recommend new owners to build up the home alone time gradually, and only up to between 1 and 2 hours.

Reggie loves having a good run around in our enclosed areas, and will happily chase after toys that are thrown for him but he hasn't quite worked out that he needs to bring the toy back. New owners will also need to work on Reggie's recall before letting him off lead in open areas, as he very rarely listens to you, especially if he has found something interesting.

Reggie already knows a couple of commands, including 'sit' and 'paw', however his recall will need work before he is let off lead in open areas as he doesn't always listen. Even though Reggie already knows some commands, it will be beneficial for new owners to continue his training. This will also be a good way for new owners to help build up a solid bond with him. Reggie is very motivated by treats and these will be a good tool to use, he can be a little pushy when he knows you have them however and be a little jumpy.

When meeting other dogs, Reggie's behaviour can be a little erratic. When meeting females, he is excited to go up and will say hello in a fairly friendly manner. However when meeting males, he is happy to say hello but once he has, he gets very vocal and a little aggressive. Due to this, we would recommend Reggie be the only dog in the home, and that he would benefit from attending some socialisation classes.

Reggie is a lovely boy who is looking for owners who have previous experience of owning dogs. In the right home, He will make a wonderful and loving addition to the family.


50 mile rehoming radius applies