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Ronni & Romeo

Can you provide a loving home for this pair?

  • Breed : Old English Bulldog Type
  • Gender : Male & Female
  • Age : 2 years, 2 months old (approx.)
  • Size : Medium
  • Good With Dogs : We live together
  • Good With Cats : No
  • Good With Children : 15 years and over

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Romeo and his partner Ronni came to SDR as unfortunately their previous owner could not give then the time they needed. Both Romeo & Ronni have settled very well into the routine here at SDR and are always happy to see one of the dog carers greeting them with wagging tails and lots of bouncing around!

Meeting people - Out of the two, Ronni is the more confident and she will usually be the first to come over and say hello. Ronni is a happy young lady and can be a little pushy when she does come to greet you. Romeo can be a little shy when he meets someone new and will wait in the background before coming over to see you. Romeo does not like having his back touched if he does not know you and will move away if he feels scared. Romeo likes to greet new people at his own pace and this involves giving you a good sniff from head to toe, once he is happy in your company then he equally loves a good fuss like Ronni.

Food & Treats - In their previous home, both Romeo & Ronni had been fed a raw food diet. We have continued this while they are at SDR and this should also carry on when they go to their new home. Ronni has no specific dietary requirements. Romeo cannot have any chicken based diet as he has an allergy to this. Both Romeo & Ronni really enjoy their food and eat quite quickly. Both dogs would require a slow feeder bowl and to be fed separately in different rooms. When it comes to treats both of them can be a little eager at taking them and this does lead to them snatching them from you.

Walking & exercise - Romeo & Ronni have lots of energy to use up and they get very excited at the prospect of going out for a walk. When getting them ready to go out, Ronni in particular does get somewhat bouncy and this does cause a few problems when fitting her harness.

When Romeo & Ronni are out on their walk they do like to pull, so this will require some training to help them walk in a calm manner and enjoy their surroundings more. Neither Romeo nor Ronni are fazed by passing traffic.

Travel - Both Romeo & Ronni can be a little unsettled when they are traveling. Ronni can, if she is a little bored on her travels, try to jump around. Romeo is just a little nervous when in the car and will sometimes whinge but he does settle down.

Play - Romeo & Ronni have vast quantities of energy to use up and love nothing more than a good run around our enclosed area here at SDR. Both love any form of toy but they are both partial to footballs, flirtpole and a good dip in a paddling pool. In their previous home, they were both taken to agility once a week to help burn off some of the energy they have. Finding an enclosed secure dog friendly exercise area for these two is a must to keep them both fit & healthy.

Living with children - Romeo & Ronni did not live with children in their previous home, but they did however have visiting children around a few times a year. As Romeo & Ronni are quite boisterous when meeting people and playing they could live with children 15 years and over.

Other Dogs - Romeo & Ronni have each other and this is how they would like it to stay. They have been dog tested here at SDR and they will happily walk past other dogs without too many problems but can become stand-offish if another dog comes too close.

Garden & Fencing - Romeo & Ronni will need a good sized garden to have a run and play in. These two have vast quantaties of energy to use up. Ideally they would love to have a couple of paddling pools in their garden as they adore splashing around with their toys. A good secure fence all round is essential - minimum height of 6 foot.

Overall - Romeo & Ronni are an incredibly happy, playful outgoing pair. They have so much energy and affection to give to the right family. They will need a family that also has the energy levels to keep up with this dynamic duo!

The adoption fee for Ronni & Romeo is £200 each.