12th Jun 2022


We are very sad to share with you that last week we said goodbye to dear, sweet Billy.
Billy came to SDR in 2015, part of a litter of 5 week old puppies. He was rehomed but returned in 2019 as he displayed some unwanted behaviours in the home. We were unable to find a suitable home for Billy but he loved it here with his carers, regular walkers & volunteers.
A few weeks ago his carer found some lumps on his throat, tests showed that he had lymphoma (an aggressive form of cancer) and the prognosis for Billy was poor.
His last few weeks were full of fun – Jess & Kayleigh took him to the seaside, his walkers took him out & about and volunteers spent time with him in his kennel and in our meadows.
Thank you to all who loved Billy – run free special boy.