20th Jul 2014

Finn (was Dash)


My name is Finn, but the girls at the rescue will remember me as Dash.

I got to go and live with a local family and now have 2 Lurcher big sisters (Barbara pictured here is my favourite).  I also have a ginger tom as a brother.  As a Lurcher we are not meant to get along but mum and dad trained me to be nice and now we snuggle together on the sofa on cold nights.

My mum is trying to train me not to chase rabbits but I love it so much I forget!  On the plus side I will go back to mum for a treat when called if rabbits aren't around.

I will also sit for my Bonios now - I didn't know what sitting was before I arrived.

Thank you for giving me a lovely home I am a very lucky boy.