02nd Jul 2013


Galaxy resting on his new chair

Hi Alan and team,

I thought I would let you know how I am getting on, - very well is the answer.

After quite a long car journey, which I managed just fine, -when I jumped into the back of the car I found I had a brand new rubber toy to chew on, or I sat and looked out of the window or I simply curled up and went to sleep. When I arrived at my new home I found myself in the middle of the countryside, just on the outside a very small village. I have a large secure garden, about a ¼ of an acre which I'm allowed to run round with my new mate Windy doing figures of '8s' around the borders. When we are not in the garden the walks are over open countryside. Initially we only did short walks but now I'm stronger and fitter they are getting longer. We are out there for about 45 -50mins in the morning then we have breakfast when we get back and the same again in the afternoon then we have our afternoon meal.

Being a Lab I love water of course, so every puddle and ditch I can find I'm in there. Then when we get back home I'm wrapped up in a huge towel and every square inch of me is rubbed dry!!! which is great fun.

I did have a bit of a cough the first week I was here, so the vet thought it best that I didn't have the balance of the inoculations that week as I was fighting off the cough, so we had to go back again the next week. Now I'm all 'jabbed' up for the next year.

When we are not out and about I have a lovely big duvet which I make into nest to snuggle down in. In fact there are duvets everywhere for us, in the kitchen which is where we sleep at night, in the garden room and in the lounge, though of an evening we all curl up on the settee together. So all in all I think life here is just fine.

Thank so much for looking after me whilst I was in your care.


Lucy x

Oh... forgot to say I have a new name) - nee Galaxy

(sent on behalf of Lucy by Liz F)