02nd Jul 2013

Zola (was Angel)

Zola on new owners lap

Hi everyone at SDR,

I want to give you an update regarding Angel, a black and white Staffie cross we adopted from you 3 months ago. First off we renamed her Zola. We didn't think her attitude towards other dogs warranted the name Angel!

Zola has settled in to our routine really well and seems to be very content.  She loves going for a walk except when it's raining and with her new lead she doesn't pull anymore. That used to be a struggle as she is so strong but walking her now is easy. She settles down quickly at bedtime with hardly a sound all night.

Occasionally she has a mad 5 minutes which is so funny to watch. She runs the length of the living room, skids round and thumps into the settee which is very soft and then runs the length of the room again and skids round just in time before she hits the wall and then repeats the process several times. I'm sure she gets a buzz out of banging into the settee.

There are times when she thinks she's a cat. She hops daintily up onto the settee and onto the lap of whoever is sitting there. She loves cuddling up to someone. The problem is that at 25kgs she's a bit heavy. She will also hop onto the bed whenever she gets a chance.

Zola is a really good-natured dog and a lovely companion. She is energetic, loves a walk and a run and loves people and attention.
She's not keen on having a shower when she comes in from a walk covered in mud but she does like the hairdryer afterwards.

Thank you for taking care of her.

Robin and Tracy H