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Could this loveable lad dash into your heart?

  • Breed : Terrier Mix
  • Gender : Male
  • Age : 9 years old (approx.)
  • Size : Small
  • Good With Dogs : No
  • Good With Cats : No
  • Good With Children : Adults Only

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Dash is a very cute little Terrier mix with a loving personality, but, in certain situations, he can require careful handling.

It’s very important for prospective owners to be aware that Dash has a couple of triggers that can cause sudden aggression and biting. However so long as these triggers are avoided/managed there should be no issues, and you will get to happily enjoy the company of a very loving and cute dog!

We understand these reactions to be situational and in 2 main circumstances. Feedback from his previous owners have suggested an element of guarding, particularly spatial. For example, if he’s occupied a space on the sofa and you then look to move him.

Secondly, we have seen Dash react and look to bite as a result of a sudden movement near his head (such as putting a lead on), consequently it’s crucial for the new owner to be calm and make slow gentle movements. Of course, the more you establish trust, the less anxious Dash will be.

Meeting people – Dash is sometimes immediately friendly, but more often is nervous at first and will need space for him to retreat to. He’ll proceed to come close, have a sniff, before retreating again. He’ll continue this until he’s more comfortable and will start initiating physical interaction. Again, the recurring message of calm and gentle is relevant here.

Walking & Exercise – Dash enjoys a walk and gets excited when the harness comes out. He pulls a bit on lead and despite his small size does have some heft – a note of caution for anyone with mobility challenges! From what we’ve seen Dash prefers interacting with you to play, but in a home environment this could change as he becomes more settled and comfortable playing.

Training – Whether through hearing loss (natural for his age) or the hint of stubbornness, commands including recall, sit, down have all proved to be slightly hit and miss. As with most dogs, when his attention is on you and distractions are minimal, he tends to do what is asked.

Travel – According to his previous owner he travels well.

Other animals – Realistically it’ll be difficult sharing a new home with other animals, not because Dash has displayed any aggression, but mainly because of the challenges he presents and the risk of any cohabiting animals getting hurt when he reacts negatively to a situation. However, as mentioned with the dog mixes having gone well, we’d be comfortable seeing Dash walking with canine friends.

Food & Treats – Dash eats very slowly, almost grazing, and as such when you do feed him, don’t immediately remove the bowl as he’ll likely return to finish at a later stage. From a treat perspective, attention from the owner is actually his main motivation.  

Living with children – With the risk presented by his bite history and the required care around his triggers, Dash’s future home will be adult only.

With the correct management and establishment of a strong relationship, Dash will be an absolute pleasure for any home and the genuine love and excitement he displays once that bond has been created is so special!


The adoption fee for Dash is £250.00


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