Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about adopting a dog from Stokenchurch Dog Rescue.



Unless we have an exact history of the dog we can only estimate a dog's age - we are quite good at it.

Our staff do get to know the character of each dog, and and all our dogs are assessed over a period of time. If we consider that a dog would be unsuitable for any particular environment then we will also advise you of this.

Some dogs will already be house trained due to their previous history. You will need to set up a good routine to encourage and establish good doggy habits. Again, if we consider a dog to have a problem in this area, and may require additional training or precautions, then we will let you know our views.

Yes. We will always take back any dog. We would prefer to work with you first and give you advice and support - just in case a problem is a minor one. It may well be that all that's needed is a little experienced lateral thinking or dog psychology to solve it.

Yes. All our dogs are vet-checked and we never let a dog go that is not healthy. Sometimes there are special circumstances where a dog may need nurturing within a home environment to fully recover either physically or psychologically. You would, of course, be advised of this in advance.

All male dogs aged ten months and over will be neutered prior to the adoption.  Where possible all bitches over a year old will be spayed prior to the adoption.

For dogs under 10 months, bitches under a year and those currently in season, a neutering voucher will be issued.  These are redeemable at our vets Crossroads, they have branches in High Wycombe, Watlington and Hazlemere

Puppies are always popular over older dogs for obvious reasons. However, most mature dogs do not have the problems associated with raising a puppy and, as such, are often easier to bond with and will adapt to your routine more quickly. Don't forget, some puppies can grow into a larger dog than you anticipated and may no longer be suitable for you or your household.

Having a constant stream of visitors throughout the day is very upsetting for kennelled dogs, so we limit viewing to between 2.00pm and 3.45pm. If there is a particular dog that you would like to meet, our staff, who are familiar with all our dogs, will bring him or her out to meet you. Remember, you can view and take several dogs for a walk - you don't have to choose the first dog you to see.

In line with other Rescue Centres, we do now ask for a minimum donation, these are shown on each individual dogs bio. 

This goes towards helping us with the costs of kennelling and feeding, vaccinations, micro-chipping, and helping us care for future dogs we may have to rescue. Of course, the more that you can afford to give us, the better standard of care we can give to the dogs we currently have with us, and to the dogs that may come to us in the future.

No, but there are several boarding kennels in the area.

Looking after any animal involves expense and time. There will be the occasional vet bill, food, toys, kennelling etc. Every dog is different, but perhaps a minimum budget would be in the order of £10.00 per week for an average-size dog.

It's simply our way of ensuring that the dog is going to a suitable home and will fit in with your lifestyle and home environment. Our home visitors are friendly and helpful and will only make an assessment of your home from the dog's point of view - nothing more.

Do you have a rehoming radius? 

We have a 50 mile rehoming radius. This ensures that we can complete all home visits and also offer ongoing support if required.