Stokenchurch Dog Rescue receives no statutory funding of any kind, meaning all running costs and overheads are self-supported and self-financed.  Donations ensure our aims will be fulfilled.  

All donations are made securely via JustGiving.  If you pay income tax, please make sure to tick the Gift Aid box to ensure we get an extra 25p for every pound you donate at no cost to yourself. 

The contribution to JustGiving for transacting this donation is voluntary if you wish to alter it please click the drop-down option when you are connected to the donation page.


One-Off Donations

Thank you for your donation.

£10.00 Could help to buy a warm coat for a dog on its winter walks Donate
£25.00 Could buy all of our dogs a 'good night' treat Donate
£150.00 Could help towards the costs to neuter/spay a dog Donate


Regular Donations

Thank you for your donation – if you would like this to be a regular monthly donation please ensure that you select the ‘Monthly’ tab when you are connected to the donation page after clicking one of the following donate buttons :-

£5.00 Could buy a quality toy for one of our dogs Donate
£15.00 Could help provide a safe, warm and loving home each night for a dog Donate
£100.00 Could help four dogs be vaccinated and treated for worms and fleas Donate


Setup a JustGiving fundraising page 

Did you know you can easily create a fundraising page on JustGiving and all donations can be taken securely online and will be paid directly to us? 

You can raise funds on our behalf for a number of reasons, like ...

  • Competing in an event, such as a marathon or triathlon
  • Setting yourself a personal challenge, such as quitting smoking or losing weight
  • Celebrating an occasion like a wedding and offering an alternative gift idea
  • Asking for money in memory of a loved one and offering an alternative to flowers

Whatever you're thinking of doing on behalf of Stokenchurch Dog Rescue, we thank you in advance and offer any support we can give.

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