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Dave is looking for a home that can continue all his basic training and socialisation - APPLICATION ONLY

  • Breed : Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mix
  • Gender : Male
  • Age : 8 months old (approx.)
  • Size : Medium
  • Good With Dogs : Yes
  • Good With Cats : Yes
  • Good With Children : 7 years and over

Currently Reserved

For more information call us on 01494 482695

Dave (along with the rest of his pals) came to SDR via the local pound. All of them have settled in well to the routine at SDR and are always happy to see one of the carers.

Dave has a fabulous personality and is usually one of the first pups to come over and say hello. Each one of the pups has a slightly different personality and Dave's is marvellous. (yes I am biased as I got to look after him). Now, Dave does like to explore and will usually be the one pup that has ran down to the bottom of the paddock to see what he can find. His recall is non-existent and you can call his name until you are blue in the face and Dave will return when he is good and ready or until all the other pups have come running over first (when I say Dave needs to go to training classes, he really does).

So Dave and his pals are not used to being in a home and have basically spent their entire life in kennels. Everything in the world of Dave is new and sometimes scary. Traffic scary, new people scary, a feather blowing in the wind scary… you get the idea?. He will need lots of time and patience from his new family and you must understand he is a puppy so there will be accidents in the home and he will more than likely take a liking to having a little chomp on some nice furniture if he is not being entertained.

Dave could live with another dog, but his new buddy would need to have a nice chilled out persona as Dave has a very playful (and some dogs would class it as annoying) personality.

To sum Dave up. He may not be the cleverest dog on the planet and he certainly isn't going to win awards for the best behaved, but he does have an outstanding personality and he is always happy and enthusiastic to see someone he knows. ( I am hoping that with training and good guidance Dave will prove me wrong about being the cleverest dog in the world!)

So what is Dave looking in life…Well, Dave needs lots of training to help build his confidence in the big wide world we live in. He needs a new family that are going to put up with his little misdemeanours around the house and like I said a lot of patience & time to help him flourish.

The adoption fee for Dave is £275


If you are interested in adopting Dave, you will need to register your interest by filling in and returning one of our pre-adoption questionnaires (see below). 


If you live in rented accommodation, in addition to the completed pre-adoption questionnaire please include written permission from your landlord or housing authority, confirming that they are happy for you to keep a dog in the property. If you already have a dog/s the permission must state the number of dogs allowed – without this we cannot include the application.

Completed application forms and landlord permissions if applicable must be emailed to with ‘Dave’ in the subject bar, or hand your completed form into reception.

Emails sent to other addresses will not be considered.

**Dave will not be available for viewing until he meets his potential adopter**


Pre Adoption Questionnaire

Selection process:

A Dog Carer will assess each potential adopter on the information provided on the pre-adoption form.

The three most suitable homes for Dave will be identified. These suitable applicants will then be invited in at an appointed time to discuss the needs of the dog further.   We will then select the most suitable applicant.

The deadline for applications is MONDAY 15TH AUGUST at 4PM and the successful candidates will be contacted within 24 hours. Applications received after MONDAY 15TH AUGUST at 4PM will not be included. The successful candidate must be available to meet Dave for the first time on THURSDAY 18TH AUGUST (appointments start from 1:30pm).

Please note due to the increase in applications for all dogs and limited resource we will not contact unsuccessful candidates or give individual feedback.