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Dolly is an active and intelligent young girl looking for a new home, could that be with you?

  • Breed : Old Tyme Bulldog
  • Gender : Female
  • Age : 2 years, 9 months old (approx.)
  • Size : Medium
  • Good With Dogs : Yes - possibly
  • Good With Cats : No
  • Good With Children : 15 years and over

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Here we have the very lovable Dolly, who came to us as a hand-in because she became an escape artist and kept getting out. Dolly has taken kennel life in her stride and settled in almost immediately, and she very quickly won the hearts of our staff.

Medical - After a short time we noticed Dolly had started limping on her back right leg, we decided to take her to the vet to get her checked out and we found out she had luxating patella’s in both back legs, but the right one is slightly worse. They have said it is very common in her breed and she was more than likely born with it. Their advice was to keep her to limited and controlled walking for a week and see how she goes, and if it had not improved then to take her back. After a couple of weeks, Dolly had stopped limping and she has gone back to her old self so we have not had to take her back. We suggest that new owners take this into consideration and help control her exercise and maybe even take her swimming, but anything that may occur with her knees in the future will not be covered under insurance.

Owner Experience - Dolly will require an owner who has had plenty of experience with dogs, and ideally dog breeds that have had plenty of energy.

Personality & People - Dolly really does steal the heart of everyone she meets, she is a very friendly girl who just wants to be everyone's best friend but her over arousal and excitement can get the better of her and she will jump up and sometimes even get a little mouthy. Dolly is a fabulous girl but will require some settle training to help her become her best self.

Training & Exercise - Dolly is very much a "bull in the china shop". She is still young and learning and will need a family who is willing to provide her with plenty of stimulation. She loves going for walks but will require some leash training as she becomes very easily distracted and will pull when she sees something interesting. Occasionally she will also chew on the lead. Dolly also has a habit of becoming mouthy when overly excited so this is something that will need to be worked on. She loves her toys so this will be a great way to keep her engaged with you.

Home Alone - In Dolly's previous home she wasn’t left often but if they did need to leave her, she was good. We do advise while adjusting to a new home that home alone time is built up slowly.

Food - Dolly loves her food and always eats well, she loves treats which will be a great way to help her in training.

Other Animals - We have mixed Dolly with a couple of dogs here and although initially a little unsure she can become very excited, which can be off-putting for a lot of other dogs, so we have said she could potentially live with another dog providing there are many successful dog mixes done prior to her going home. No other animals should be in the home.

Type of home - Dolly is looking for a home with access to an enclosed garden that is fully secure and has 6-foot fencing. She has been known to chew through and climb over chicken wire and mesh in the previous home.

Overall - Dolly is a delightful character who has a lot to learn. She has quickly become one of the staff's favourites and we really hope she can also steal the hearts of her new family. She is going to require work, so we need a family who are very dedicated to her training.

Dolly will require a minimum of two visits from all members of the household ahead of the adoption process.

The adoption fee for Dolly is £200