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Can you offer Dotty the home she truly deserves?

  • Breed : Staffordshire Bull Terrier Type
  • Gender : Female
  • Age : 10 years old (approx.)
  • Size : Medium
  • Good With Dogs : No
  • Good With Cats : No
  • Good With Children : 11 years and over

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Sweetheart Dotty came to SDR back in April 2021, due to no fault of her own. Dotty has spent all this time in kennels where she has settled and got into the swing of her daily routine here. She is a delightful dog to look after and as she has been here for some time she has made many friends along the way.

Medical - Dotty has stayed in kennels for a long time, not for any fault of her own but because of her medical problems that are now finally under control. When Dotty first came in her skin and coat were in very poor condition. After lots of investigations we found the cause of this, and it has turned out to be severe environmental and food allergies. To help Dotty out she was placed on monthly immunotherapy vaccinations, weekly medicated baths, and a raw food diet as she is only allowed 4 proteins which are venison, pork, white fish and tuna. Since Dotty has been on this she has flourished and is now looking a lot healthier.  We will discuss her medical needs in full with her new family. 

People & Personality - As stated above Dotty is a great dog to look after, she is very much a people's dog and everybody she meets is her friend. Dotty is very polite when saying hello, she makes sure she always comes out with a waggy tail and a nice greeting before heading off on her walk. When sitting down with Dotty she can occasionally get a little too excitable and personal space is not a thing during this time, but she does mean well. Dotty also enjoys playing with all her toys and likes to interact with you, especially a game of tug, she will even bark at you as if she is saying 'hurry up' when she wants to play.

Training & Exercise - Dotty knows most of the basics, but this does not mean there isn't room for improvement which will be great to keep her mentally stimulated and also grow a bond with new owners. We do not recommend letting Dotty off lead in open areas as she currently does not have a reliable recall so this will need to be worked on. Dotty is an active girl and would like owners who could keep up with her, keeping her both mentally and physically stimulated.

Other Animals - When out walking with Dotty you will be able to walk past other dogs without too much issue (although improvements still can be made) but Dotty very much prefers her own personal space and does not want other dogs coming up to sniff her. Dotty is muzzled when out for safety reasons however (Dotty loves people but is not the biggest fan of other dogs) she is very good about this and never has any complaints about having to wear one, new owners will need to have Dotty muzzled when out on walks.

Home alone - Dotty has spent a lot of time in kennels so it’s best that her home alone time is built up gradually while she settles into a new home.

Dotty is really very deserving of a loving home, and we know whoever ends up adopting her will be very lucky people. Everyone who meets Dotty always has great words to say about her, she is a delight to look after, and we cannot wait to find her the amazing family she deserves.

 The adoption fee for Dotty is £140

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