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Dumpling is looking for a home that can continue all his basic training and socialisation - APPLICATION ONLY

  • Breed : Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mix
  • Gender : Male
  • Age : 8 months old (approx.)
  • Size : Medium
  • Good With Dogs : Yes
  • Good With Cats : Yes
  • Good With Children : 7 years and over

Currently Reserved

For more information call us on 01494 482695

Here we have our best boy Dumpling who hasn’t had much luck in his short little life. Dumpling was born part of a litter of 8 back in December 2021 and spent the first 6 months in kennels.  3 of his litter mates were adopted by staff, but Dumpling and 4 of his brothers found themselves with us at SDR. Dumpling was split up from his brothers prior to arriving at SDR as he became a bit of a bully towards his brothers, but with their ages it not surprising they got into a few squabbles. Dumpling has done ok on his own in the kennel and it did not take him long to settle and capture the hearts of all the carers a SDR.

Personality& People- Dumpling is a very kind hearted and sweet little boy with a very caring heart, he loves people and loves nothing more than to come sit in his handlers lap and get plenty of fuss and attention. Dumpling has known nothing but kennel life so as expected many new environments especially if they are loud can be very scary. When in a quieter environment it doesn’t take him long to start exploring. Meeting new people is one of Dumplings favourite things to do because he knows he will get lots of love a cuddles, as many people cannot resist his cuteness.

Training & Exercise- As Dumpling has never lived in a home and not really had much experience of the outside world, he will require all basic training and socialisation. He is going to need a patient and understanding owners who will dedicate most of their time to help him overcome his fears of loud environments and other situations that he has not been exposed to yet. Dumpling is still young and he will require plenty of mental and physical stimulation.

Other animals- Dumpling had been split from his litter mates before arriving at SDR due to being a bit of a bully, but they were no longer little pups at this point so it was expected. He has met a mixture of different dogs here and overall has done really well. He can be a little unsure at first but it don’t take him long to build up the courage to go and say hello, then try to start playing. He can be a bit pushy at times but again was expected as he had not really had any interaction with other dogs. We do feel like Dumpling could live with other well socialised dog who wouldn’t mind having a pup about. We have cat tested Dumpling and he didn’t seem too bothered by the cat and after a quick sniff just came back and sat with his handler. Dumpling could live with a cat but we recommend slow, supervised introductions and we also would recommend a space for the cat to get away from Dumpling if wanting to.

Home Alone- Dumpling has never been in a home, let alone left in a home before so we would like owners who are willing to build his home alone time up gradually. We think crate training would be beneficial for him but this will have to be started from scratch and not just putting him in there and expecting him to be happy and settled.

Food- Dumpling likes his food and will always finish all his dinners, so this will be a great thing to help him get motivated in training classes.

Type of home- Dumpling would benefit from a home with full access to a fully enclosed garden with at least 6 foot fencing.

Overall, Dumpling is a gentle soul who is very deserving of a loving home so he can give lots of love to his new family. New owners must understand Dumpling is going to require lots of work to help build his confidence as well as provide all basic training. He is looking for understanding and patient owners who will give him plenty of time to settle and become the fabulous dog we know he can become. We are looking for owners who have previously or currently owned a dog, but it don’t have to be of the same breed.

The adoption fee for Dumpling is £275


If you are interested in adopting Dumpling, you will need to register your interest by filling in and returning one of our pre-adoption questionnaires (see below). 


If you live in rented accommodation, in addition to the completed pre-adoption questionnaire please include written permission from your landlord or housing authority, confirming that they are happy for you to keep a dog in the property. If you already have a dog/s the permission must state the number of dogs allowed – without this we cannot include the application.

Completed application forms and landlord permissions if applicable must be emailed to with ‘Dumpling’ in the subject bar, or hand your completed form into reception.

Emails sent to other addresses will not be considered.

**Dumpling will not be available for viewing until he meets his potential adopter**


Pre Adoption Questionnaire

Selection process:

A Dog Carer will assess each potential adopter on the information provided on the pre-adoption form.

The three most suitable homes for Dumpling will be identified. These suitable applicants will then be invited in at an appointed time to discuss the needs of the dog further.   We will then select the most suitable applicant.

The deadline for applications is MONDAY 15TH AUGUST at 4PM and the successful candidates will be contacted within 24 hours. Applications received after MONDAY 15TH AUGUST at 4PM will not be included. The successful candidate must be available to meet Dumpling for the first time on THURSDAY 18TH AUGUST (appointments start from 1:30pm).

Please note due to the increase in applications for all dogs and limited resource we will not contact unsuccessful candidates or give individual feedback.

Stokenchurch Dog Rescue reserves the right to refuse to re-home a dog without giving due reason