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Guinness is a sensitive older boy looking for a quiet home

  • Breed : Mixed Breed
  • Gender : Male
  • Age : 10 years old (approx.)
  • Size : Medium
  • Good With Dogs : Not to live with
  • Good With Cats : No
  • Good With Children : 16 years and over

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Guinness’s sadly isn’t a new face at SDR and originally came into our care in 2013 coming in as a stray from the local pound. He found his home quickly within a busy household who had him for 9 years without much issue other than barking which appeared to be territorial when strangers came to the home but when introduced properly was fine. Unfortunately recently he managed to escape the house and injured someone walking by the house. This resulted in worrying the owner making them not confident in training and management needed for him and thought it would be best to hand him back to the rescue.

Guinness was not comfortable being back at the rescue after spending many years in a home environment and didn’t have the best few days, not eating, becoming very stressed and not allowing staff to touch him or enter his kennel as he displayed a lot of fear-aggression. It took many times, sitting by the front of the door and being patient with him to bring him around. He has come a long way and has now built some lovely relationships within the team and will jump up with a great swooshing tail first thing in the morning.

When out of the kennel Guinness seems to be a lot more open in meeting new people but can take his time in showing you his whole personality and his affectionate nature. Initially he can come off quite shy or aloof, however when he has built a bond with who he is interacting with he can be quite goofy and will roll over on his back enjoying some well needed tummy or bum rubs or

Guinness has been dog mixed with a couple of dogs and overall seems relaxed and happy meeting polite, calmer dogs and will do so with a big slow wagging tail going in for the sniff. As he is older boy who hasn’t lived with another dogs before he would be better suited to just having doggy walking buddies and play dates that have a similar size and temperament.

Guinness does seem to have some previoustraining behind him such as sit, down, paw and knows his name but doesn’t have solid recall around distractions or just ignores it completely. However just because he is older doesn’t mean he couldn’t still learn something new or be challenged even if it's very simple scent work games and tricks. Where Guinness will need some work and management is around visitors. In the previous home it seems he would react to people at the door but when carefully introduced he would bark, sniff and be fine with them. I would recommend he has management in place in the home as simple as baby gates and introductions to be down slowly and on lead, within time some door threshold training in case management was to fail.

Guinness’ highlight of the day are his walks and getting out and about. He is still a very much an active fella and is definitely not showing signs of slowing down on walks. He will need a minimum of 1 hour of exercise a day. I do believe he would appreciate going to new places and exploring quieter nature walks. On the lead he is fairly well behaved and isn’t very strong but does pull slightly and walk ahead especially in new environments. Guinness does seem to have a high prey drive and on his walks can seem on the hunt for anything small and furry by checking along the bushes. He isn’t bothered by much on the walk e.g traffic and other people however can pull towards other dogs and whine or react to other reactive/larger dogs especially if they are bigger.

He could live with children aged 16 and over that have lived with a dog before who are sensible, calm and respectful not to overwhelm him, and giving space when he wants some peace as he is settling into his senior years.

Guinness wasn’t destructive every time when left but could be vocal or if the bin was easily accessible would knock it over to scavenge for food. The owners had been currently working from home but before this would be most of the time fine being left up to 4 hours. This should be able to be built slowly with new owners. He will need 6ft but especially important that it is secure enclosure garden or he will go wandering or find an escape.

Guinness will need multiple visits as he doesn’t instantly come out of his shell and takes a little longer to gain a relationship/trust with him before he goes home to his forever home. Guinness is looking for a peaceful home with patient owners that are going to give him the time and attention he deserves. The household that would suit him is a quiet and calm with not to many visitors going in and out all the time.

Guinness will require a minimum of 4 visits from the entire household ahead of the adoption process.

The adoption fee for Guinness is £140