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Jeremy is looking for experienced owners who will continue his training

  • Breed : Lurcher Type
  • Gender : Male
  • Age : 3 years old (approx.)
  • Size : Medium
  • Good With Dogs : Not to live with
  • Good With Cats : No
  • Good With Children : 14 years and over

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Pre Adoption Questionnaire

Jeremy originally arrived with us a stray from the local pound back in December 2020.  He was rehomed in May 2021 but unfortunately returned less than 48 hours later due to becoming over excited in the household and heavily mouthing his new owner although she has said there was no aggression, she felt she could not give him the attention he needed. 

He settled into kennel life well and is always excited to see his carers so he can get some fuss and attention.  He is a firm favourite with the volunteer walkers as Jeremy is always up for a nice long walk exploring the local countryside.

Jeremy will require basic obedience training, including toilet training and recall training before he is let off lead in open areas, as he doesn't always listen when you call his name. Jeremy is very motivated by treats and using these in a positive reward-based way will be a great way to start his training. Additionally, this will be a good way for new owners to build up a solid bond with Jeremy.

Jeremy is looking for owners who have previously owned dogs before and who are prepared to continue with his training. We have started to crate train Jeremy however it will need to be on going in his new home.  We have worked on some impulse control with Jeremy, so he doesn't become too over excited when something overstimulates him.  This in the past would cause him to jump up and mouth you. 

When Jeremy has been let off lead in our enclosed areas, he enjoys having a wander around and enjoys exploring of the area. When it comes to toys, Jeremy enjoys chasing after toys that are thrown but he hasn't quite worked out that he needs to bring the toy back for the game to continue.

When Jeremy has been mixed with other dogs, he is happy and friendly when meeting them and will happily approach them to say hello. Once he's said hello, he is keen to play with other dogs but does get overexcited during play and can become quite vocal and start to growl a little. We feel Jeremy would be better suited to be the only dog in the home as he will require a lot of on going training.  However it's important for him to have some canine walking buddies once he is home and settled.

When you have visitors around, they would need to be very calm, so that Jeremy does not get excitable. You would have to make sure all food is out of his way as he has been known to jump up on surface to raid the bins.

Jeremy will need an enclosed garden with at least 6-foot solid fence so he can run around playing with his toys and doing some training.  In the right home, this active and intelligent young boy will make a great addition.


The adoption fee for Jeremy is £200