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Kalvin is a lovely boy looking for his forever home - could this be with you?

  • Breed : Staffordshire Bull Terrier Type
  • Gender : Male
  • Age : 3 years old (approx.)
  • Size : Medium
  • Good With Dogs : Yes - Females
  • Good With Cats : No
  • Good With Children : 11 years and over

Currently Reserved

For more information call us on 01494 482695

Pre Adoption Questionnaire


Kalvin came into the kennels as a hand-in via the vets who obtained him from the previous owners as they relinquished ownership. Since his arrival he has settled in the kennels well and has got used to the daily routines.

He will need owners who have had dogs before and preferably experience with Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

Kalvin is a lovely boy who is always happy to greet his carers when they enter his kennel, he can be a little hand shy at first, but once he has got comfortable he likes nothing more than a cuddle and a bum scratch.

As mentioned above he can be a little shy at first when meeting new people but once he has been offered a treat or two he soon gains the confidence to say hi and accept a scratch and affection.

He is a very smart boy as he already knows a few basic commands and a few special tricks. He has the capabilities to learn so much more espcially if treats and a tennis ball can be used as the motivation during training. He may also benefit from attending agility or canicross as he has lots of energy. He might enjoy attending dog atheltics which could help burn off any excess energy - based in the Cotswolds. Kalvin will also need to learn a solid recall before being let off the lead in public.

Kalvin is very clean in his kennel and could be left alone in the home for upto 4 hours at a time, but if it any longer then he will need somone to pop back midway through the day to let him out. We would advise than any home alone time is built up gradually.

He has a good appetite and usually finishes his meal in one sitting and he is fed on Arden Grange mixed with a little bit of meat. We would recommend that he is fed from a slow down bowl as he tends to inhale his food.

We have mixed Kalvin with various breeds and sizes of dogs and he has behaved very well around them but he would occasionally become vocal and bark at them.  He did occasionally try and join in but soon preferred to entertain himself.

Kalvin would benefit from a home that has had SBT's before and that the new owners are patient with him while he settles into his new life. He would need access to a garden with suitable fencing that is at least 6 foot in height.

Kalvin is a lovely boy who is looking for his forever home with owners that will be patient with him while he settles into his new life and owners who are able to contiune his training beyond what he already knows to help him flourish and become the happy, friendly dog he deserves to be.


The adoption fee for Kalvin is £200

50 Mle re-homing radius applies.


Stokenchurch Dog Rescue reserves the right to refuse to re-home a dog without giving due reason