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Leo is a fun and active young boy looking for a new home to call his own. APPLICATION ONLY - LEO WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE TO VIEW UNTIL HE MEETS HIS SUCCESSFUL APPLICANT

  • Breed : Lurcher Type
  • Gender : Male
  • Age : 9 months old (approx.)
  • Size : Medium
  • Good With Dogs : Yes
  • Good With Cats : No
  • Good With Children : 7 years and over

Currently Reserved

For more information call us on 01494 482695

APPLICATION ONLY - Pre-Adoption Questionnaire


Leo came to SDR through no fault of his own. Leo was originally found as a stray but unfortunately the people that cared for him were unable to keep him. When he was found he was painfully underweight, but he's been nursed back to health.

He has settled in well to the routine at SDR and is always happy to see his carers so he can get some attention and fuss he loves so much.

Due to his age and background Leo will require basic obedience training as he does get a little too enthusiastic when meeting new people and this usually results in him jumping up to say hello.  He does however walk well on the lead and shows no worries at passing vehicles.

Leo has been off lead in our enclosed areas where he likes to explore and run around, he does like playing with toys and will happily bring a ball back to you for more play.  He can sometimes get distracted when playing and may forget to bring the toy back.

He has been mixed with various dogs at SDR and he has also met dogs when out on a walk. Leo greets new dogs calmly letting them sniff him. Once he’s found his confidence with the other dog his playful side comes shining through.

Leo could live with another dog of equal size, age and energy,(pending successful dog mixes held at SDR) However Leo would need to be fed in an entirely different room from the other dog as he is possessive over his food. Leo would also require a slowdown feeding bowl as he does have a habit of bolting down his food far too quickly.

He could be left alone for up to 2 hours, but this will need to be built up over a period of time so he is relaxed when left.

Although he has not lived with children previously, we feel he could happily live with children aged 7+, who are aware of giving Leo space when he requires it.

Leo would like an active family as he has an abundance of energy.  Due to his age he is currently being walked 40 minutes, but once fully grown he will require a minimum of a 1 hour, twice a day.  He would benefit from being taken to a dog friendly secure field once a week so he can be let off lead and have a good run around.

Leo is a very happy and playful pup that would make a fantastic addition to an energetic family. He loves meeting new people and is also happy making new canine friends to go out walking with. He would like a home that also has time to help with his training needs so he can enjoy his new life even more.


This Pre-Adoption Questionnaire will need to be completed on a PC or Laptop unless you have the have the word app on your phone or tablet. Please review the completion instructions ahead of submitting the form.


Selection process:

A Dog Carer will assess each potential adopter on the information provided on the pre-adoption form.

The three most suitable homes for Leo will be identified. These suitable applicants will then be invited in at an appointed time to discuss the needs of the dog further with a Dog Carer. The Dog Carer will then select the most suitable applicant.

If the Dog Carer and applicant are happy, the process will proceed to them meeting and spending time with Leo. If this meet is successful then the usual adoption process will apply.

The deadline for applications is THURSDAY 25th NOVEMBER AT 4pm and the successful candidates will be contacted within 24 hours. APPLICATIONS RECIEVED AFTER THURSDAY 25th NOVEMBER AT 4pm WILL NOT BE INCLUDED.

The successful candidate must be available to meet Leo for the first time on SATURDAY 27TH NOVEMBER. Appointments start from 1.30pm.

Please note due to the increase in applications for all dogs and limited resource we will not contact unsuccessful candidates or give individual feedback.


The adoption fee for Leo is £275