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Lola is a special girl, looking for a loving family to call her own

  • Breed : Staffordshire Bull Terrier Type
  • Gender : Female
  • Age : 7 years old (approx.)
  • Size : Medium
  • Good With Dogs : No
  • Good With Cats : No
  • Good With Children : 11 years and over

Currently Reserved

For more information call us on 01494 482695

Pre-Adoption Questionnaire

Lola was rehomed back in April 2018. Sadly 8 months later we got a call from another rescue to say Lola had been relinquished into their care and was in a very sorry state. It has taken us an incredibly long time to nurse her back to health as her previous owners had failed to continue with the treatment for her skin. Despite everything Lola has been though, her tail has continued to wag and she has showered everyone with so much love and affection.  

She is a lively and intelligent girl who is looking for a home with experience of Staffordshire Bull Terriers. 

Lola has also undergone surgery to correct her luxating patella whilst she has been back in our care and although her recovery from surgery was long, she is now in a good place with both the leg and her skin. She is also currently on 4 long term medications for her skin condition (twice weekly malaseb baths, ermidra foam every third day, Iltrafungal oral solution at weekends and monthly cytopoint injections). New owners must continue Lola's ongoing skin treatments as without them, her skin condition will flare up again.

Lola will require some further training; she currently knows sit and down but when out and about she tends to forget these as she is more interested in everything else that’s going on around her. Further training will also provide mental stimulation which is going to be important in tiring her brain and it will also help in building a bond with her new owners. Lola’s home alone time will need to be built up gradually as she has been in kennels for so long, it may take her time to adjust to being back in a home environment again.

Lola adores people and can get a little carried away when saying hello and will jump up for attention. When she first arrived with us she quite worried with a nervous disposition, but her confidence has grown massively during this time as she has been shown so much love by all of us here at SDR.

Lola is going to need a secure garden with a minimum of 6ft fence as she is capable of jumping quite high and will look for gaps or try and make holes in wire fencing if left outside on her own, so it is important that her new owners interact and entertain her when she is outside for any periods of time.

Lola wasn’t overly interested with toys when she arrived but with some positive encouragement she was soon happily chasing after any that were thrown for her.  She also likes to chase around a big boomer ball, but this will need to be supervised as she can get a little too overexcited with it.

She has a very good appetite and will finish her meals in one sitting, even when they have medication in them. Lola is currently on a 'light' food as she needs to lose a little bit of weight as she was on extensive kennel rest after her knee surgery. It's important that new owners keep Lola’s weight down to help her joints.

Whilst Lola has been with us, we have dog mixed her with various breeds and we have found that she would be better off being the only dog in home so that the new owners can give her all the love and attention she deserves.

In a home with owners who can continue Lola’s skin care routine, have experience of the breed and are interested in doing extra training, providing her with mental stimulation and enrichment Lola will make a wonderful and super loving companion. 


The adoption fee for Lola is £200