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Minnie is a fantastic girl looking for an understanding home that will help her navigate the world

  • Breed : Siberian Husky Type
  • Gender : Female
  • Age : 3 years old (approx.)
  • Size : Medium
  • Good With Dogs : No
  • Good With Cats : No
  • Good With Children : 16 years and over

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Beautiful Minnie came into SDR from a family who’s circumstances sadly changed and they could no longer care for her. Minnie came to SDR partially sighted and this change was very unsettling for her in the beginning. Over a couple of weeks Minnie began to get used to our routine and bond with staff members. We are seeing more of her personality shine through every day. Unfortunately for Minnie, whilst here at SDR her glaucoma in her remaining eye worsened causing pressure and pain in her eye. The tough decision was made to have her remaining eye removed.   Minnie is such an incredible dog, managing to navigate the world with no eye sight.  She is a very sweet, active girl.

We are looking for new owners who have previously owned dogs, and ideally have breed experience or have previously cared for a blind dog. The most important thing is patience and a willingness to guide and care for Minnie sympathetically. 

Minnie has a very sweet personality, once she knows you, she is affectionate and she likes having physical contact with someone. She also can get excited when she is going out for a walk. Being a Husky, they can be expressive, Minnie can vocalise to express how she feels, this is sometimes cries, whines and the occasional bark, sometimes this can be when she’s excited or unsure. She is an active girl who enjoys being out on walks and pottering around our exercise areas.

She is a friendly girl but she can be spooked by sudden movements even though she can’t see, as long as people take their time and are gentle with her, and allow her to come up to them at her own pace she will make friends.

Due to being blind Minnie will require continued management and consideration. She does manage to adapt well but she will need support and guidance from her new owners. It would be advisable for adopters to work with an accredited reward-based dog trainer who has experience with blind dogs. Minnie enjoys her walks, she would require a minimum of an hours exercise a day, she is a young active girl. In addition, she would benefit from extra activities which can stimulate her brain such as scent-based games - 'Find it', scent work and teaching her cues.

Ideally Minnie shouldn’t be left for more than a couple of hours. If adopters are needing to leave her for longer periods this would need to be built up gradually once she has fully settled and feels comfortable within the environment.

Due to her blindness she needs to be the only dog in the home as she is uncomfortable around other dogs during face to face greetings, she cannot read the other dog’s body language. She will love to have all the attention to herself! She also isn’t suitable to live with cats.

Minnie is looking for a quiet home, with her own secure garden with 6ft fencing. She needs to be out of town, ideally with surroundings which are fairly quiet, village/suburbs with minimal steps around the property.

She is a truly wonderful dog with a lot of love to give, she will really make a wonderful companion to owners who can give her patience and understand her needs.

Minnie is a fantastic, well mannered young lady and is a favourite with the carers and with our regular dog walkers. Despite Minnie having to have her eye removed whilst here at SDR she takes everything in her stride. She will happily play fetch in our enclosed paddock with a regular tennis ball and if the urge takes her will get the "zoomies" like any other dog. Whilst out walking she loves to take in all the sounds and smells and knows which trees the squirrels are hiding in.


The adoption fee for Minnie is £250.00


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