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A working home with experienced owners is required for Ollie

  • Breed : Retriever Mix
  • Gender : Male
  • Age : 1 year, 10 months old (approx.)
  • Size : Medium
  • Good With Dogs : Ok with some
  • Good With Cats : No
  • Good With Children : Adults only

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BEFORE APPLYING- Ollie is looking for a home with VERY experienced owners and will offer Ollie a working environment or do lot of work related activities, I.e. scent work, a lot of the time. Ollie is looking for a very special home as he is not going to fit into most people’s everyday lifestyles. So please DO NOT apply if you cannot offer this to Ollie. Also please read the following to see if he is the dog for you.

Here we have our fun, full of life young boy, who goes by the name of Ollie. Ollie came to us as a hand in due to becoming too big and strong for his previous owner. He has been rehomed a couple times but he had proven to be much for them. Ollie does not really enjoy kennel life and does get bored and frustrated, so you will often here him howling or banging on the doors, he does settle at night when it’s quieter.

Breed- When Ollie first came in we did not know his breed, so we decided to do a DNA test which came back as 50% Golden Retriever and 50% Irish Water Spaniel, this gave us a very good understanding of why Ollie is very much the way he is.

Irish water spaniel- An intelligent, energetic working breed, bred for water retrieval. Golden Retriever- Bred to be used as hunting dogs, to retrieve birds from water and land.

Owner Experience- Ollie is looking for people who have previous experience of working and training dogs.

Personality- Ollie is a very lovely boy but is highly intelligent and is looking for an owner who can direct this in a positive way. He really is a good dog but he gets bored really quickly and finds ways of entertaining himself which will be things like stealing items or trying to get to food, he also craves attention from people and if they do ignore him (even if you are just on your phone) he will try to regain their attention, which again tends to be in a negative way, like stealing items from your pocket, mouthing, jumping up and barking at you. When Ollie is engaged he picks things up quickly and is also enjoyable to work with. He loves playing with his toys and will fetch things but doesn’t quite yet know to drop them, but if you get another toy he is happy to play a game of swap, so he does very much have those retrieval instincts in there. He also loves to play in the small paddling pool and puddles so we also suspect he will love to swim which will be a great way to physically stimulate him, he may if encouraged enjoy something like dock diving.

Training& Exercise- Ollie is going to require lots of ongoing training, he knows some of basics but he will need more than just this as he will very much require plenty of mental stimulation. He will need settle training, and he will probably benefit a lot from doing some crate training as he hasn’t been taught an off-switch. He has been having some leash training which has been going ok, but he still has his moments like jumping around or stopping when not wanting to go somewhere, he has been known to at times rug people’s sleeves on walks too. Ollie is not a dog who will go on a long walk and be tired when he gets back, he will need someone who is going to engage his brain and do things with him, i.e. scent work or gun dog training or some sort of dog sport. Recall will need to be worked on too however shows a lot of potential.

Food- Ollie is a very food motivated and it is probably his favourite time of the day, however what new owners will have to take into consideration is he has shown signs of food guarding in the past, so while he is eating it is best to leave him too it.  However, you could always use his daily food allowance as treats to do training with.

Other animals- Ollie can be a little reactive to certain dogs on lead especially if they rush up to him. We have mixed him with a dog who is very calm and well balanced and it wasn’t bad but it was great either. On lead he can be reactive but when let off lead he seemed a little better (this was in an enclosed area), as he decided for most of it he wanted to go and do his own thing, but at times he would come back and start jumping, snarling and being just too much, this is where we had to just take Ollie away and let him chill out a little, and when he calmed down he just wondered off and did his own thing again. Preferably we would like Ollie to be the only pet in the home, however if new people have lots of knowledge about dog behaviour and know what they are doing, and are willing to do slow introductions and keep them supervised together we may make an exception pending on how the dog mixes go at SDR. More will be explained in detail with a dog carer.

Home alone- Ollie was not left often in his previous home but when he was left he could cope with a couple hours. We do suggest home alone is built up slowly while adjusting to a new home especially as he has been in kennels for a while.

Type of Home- A home with full access to a fully enclosed garden with at least 6 foot fencing.

Overall, Ollie will make an incredible dog for someone is very dedicated, consistent and patient. Ollie will take time to fully settle in and he will more than likely test you at times, but with a good routine, plenty of stimulation and training Ollie has a lot of potential with the correct owner.

Ollie will require a minimum of four visits from all members of the household ahead of the adoption process.

The adoption fee for Ollie is £200