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Ex Racer Panda is looking for a comfy sofa to spend his days

  • Breed : Greyhound Type
  • Gender : Male
  • Age : 3 years old (approx.)
  • Size : Large
  • Good With Dogs : Yes - Greyhound
  • Good With Cats : No
  • Good With Children : 14 years and over

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This is the lovely Panda, who is an ex-racer originally from Ireland who has just finished his racing days. He is looking for his forever home to put his paws up with patience and understanding owners.

Panda has settled in very well to life at the rescue and to kennels, but this environment is nothing new to him. He is clean and is either napping, throwing toys around his kennel or watching out the window. He is super friendly with anyone he meets and does get excited to see us first thing in the morning.

Panda has met all types of people and for the most part, is calm and chill. However sometimes initially can air snap or gently mouth especially when people put their hands around his face. Panda hasn’t hurt anyone with this, but this can be misunderstood. This is quite a common behaviour within greys and is a playful, overexcited way of dealing with their excitement when they are not sure where to put all these big feelings. This can be also known as nitting. It can be easily misunderstood but there are no bad intentions. With experience, greyhound owners sometimes don't mind this, but training can be put in place to help him be calmer, keeping certain situations low-key. Panda seems to do this most when putting on his walking gear and greeting. As well as toys and food where it is a lot more snatchy and you do have to watch your fingers.

For large numbers of Greyhounds, socialisation and habituation to everyday life have been very limited. Panda has got so much of the world to see and a lot of it will be the very first time.

On the lead, he walks well but can be strong and will need an able owner while he learns more of the real world. He didn't seem concerned by the traffic or people but currently, he seems to always be on the lookout for something small and furry. A prey drive cannot be completely or humanly trained out of him as it is ingrained in his genetics. However, it can sometimes be dialled down over time with training.

Whilst most Greyhounds won’t have been taught any voice cues or basic ‘obedience’ training during their racing careers, that doesn’t mean that they are incapable of learning new behaviours post-racing. Panda has some training in terms he has been kennel and muzzle trained. He is social around people and good around other sighthounds. He is not great around smaller dogs and can get more intense (into prey drive) depending on how frantic they move around him or how close. He is better on the lead than off and currently doesn't lunge or bark unless behind a fence, off lead but does have constant tension when on the lead and becomes very slow and stiff.

Panda can’t live with any other dogs, but the exception could be with other Greyhounds or sighthound types with an owner who is very experienced and had multiple dogs before.

He travels very well and is comfortable getting in and out of the car. He mostly stands up watching out the window, eventually laying down once comfortable.

Panda has low - medium energy levels and a higher prey drive. Greyhounds are the sprint athletes of the dog world. They are bred for short bursts of speed – not extended periods of stamina. Panda seems happy when walking for 30 minutes and will need his stamina built up if to goes for longer walks. I do think it is important for all sighthounds to have the ability to have off-lead time. Thankfully, with so many secure dog fields there are lots of places that you can hire and let your hound run while practising recall safely.

He should be okay with being left up to 1-4 hours, but this should be built up gradually with him. He doesn’t seem to be stressed in kennels and tends to spend most of the time looking out the window or sleeping.

Ex-racing Greyhounds make loyal and loving pets; however, their previous lifestyle and behaviour should be considered when bringing one into your home. A racing Greyhound is looking for a calm, affectionate, and understanding owner who will be able to work on their behaviour in and outside the house. But they do make incredible pets and will steal your heart (and your sofa!).

Greyhound/sight-hound experience would be ideal but as long as his new owners have dog experience, have done their research on the breed and know where some struggle due to the limited socialisation, high prey drive and having never lived in a home would be good for panda.

Panda will require a minimum of two visits from all members of the household ahead of the adoption process.

The adoption fee for Panda is £200


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