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Ralph is looking for an active and enthusiastic home.

  • Breed : Lurcher Type
  • Gender : Male
  • Age : 1 year, 10 months old (approx.)
  • Size : Large
  • Good With Dogs : Yes
  • Good With Cats : No
  • Good With Children : 14 years and over

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Ralph is a beautiful glossy black Lurcher that is enthusiastic about life and has a lot to say about it. He has settled in quickly to the new routine but loves companionship and at time can struggle in a kennel environment being left longer on his own than he has previously.

Personality & Meeting people - Ralph is friendly and very sociable when meeting new people and has a large wagging tail when doing so. He can become quite enthusiastic and sometimes can be vocal and jumpy. He is an affectionate dog and does enjoy a cuddle on his bed. He doesn’t always stay still, sometime forgets his size and may whack you with his constant wagging tail

Handling - Ralph is confident when being handled by all staff here and is patient when doing so. He has a lovely nature who seems to be happy and well socialised with people. He has done well during his general vet check, bath and when putting on his harness to go out. He does not appear to have any sensitive areas.

Exercise - Ralph enjoys his daily walks and play and would benefit from new owners hiring a secure place to run around once or twice a week. He needs a minimum of 1-2 hours daily.

Meeting dogs - Ralph is friendly when meeting other dogs but seems to have some leash frustration when he can’t meet the dog making him quite vocal during the initial meeting. He does calm down and is a very playful and will run up and down the paddock with lots of play bows in between. He didn’t live with a dog in his previous home but his owners have said he is friendly with other dogs and think he would be very suitable to live with a similar size dog that matches his high playful energy.

Motivation & Toys - Ralph has always had a good appetite here and show good interest in food. Food would be the best place to start and his training can be worked on using his meals. This will increase motivation and enjoyment with owners. This will help when building reliability under distraction which is something he struggles with currently.

He's a fun dog to play and interact with. However he does become easily distracted - I would recommended to keep playing with toys with him to increase his engagement with his owner and less on what's going on around him. He enjoys playing fetch and will occasionally bring it back to you to be thrown again. He is quite well mannered apart from the occasional jumping up or running at speed and forgetting the brakes. As well as the flirt pole which is a great way to provide Ralph genetic fulfilment, it can be played in the garden and release any pent up energy.

Off lead he is happy to stay around when out in our secure paddock but can become easily distracted by other dogs or people and will ignore most attempts to recall unless you have a squeaky toy in hand. Owners should understand that he is a Lurcher and may struggle to have a consistent and reliable recall when under distraction.

On lead, during the start of the walk he does pull and can be a bit strong at times. I do believe it is important new owners are up to working on this as it will be essential and will be the foundation when working on being calm even around distractions. After a run around or play date he can walk very nicely and definitely shows he has the potential to be an excellent walker.

Training - His previous owners have stated that he also knows to stay/wait, go to bed and kiss. He does appear to be reasonably house trained in kennels and hasn't shown destructive behaviour in kennels.

Children - He would be okay to go in a home with children aged 14 years and over as he has lived with them before, however he can be excitable, jumpy and would be best suited to children that have lived with large bouncy dogs before.

Home alone - We would advise this is built of gradually as he isn’t used to being left. He would appreciate having his own garden and secure 6ft fencing.

Owners Experience - I see a lot of potential in him. He is a happy, smart and full of curiosity. He will need confident owners that have had large/strong dogs before and are up for training and going on adventures.

The adoption fee for Ralph is £200