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Shira is looking for a patient and experienced home that will continue her training and give her the time she needs to adjust to a home life

  • Breed : Mixed Breed
  • Gender : Female
  • Age : 5 years old (approx.)
  • Size : Medium
  • Good With Dogs : Not to live with
  • Good With Cats : No
  • Good With Children : Adult only

Currently Reserved

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Shira is a beautiful, energetic smart girl who is looking for a home with owners who are dog savvy and want to get involved in dog training, going for long walks or activities or sports with her. She will need an owner who is patient, gentle and confident and who has previously owned Bull-Lurcher types, Bull breeds or high-energy dogs.

When Shira first meets people, she can initially be shy, and it can take some time or multiple meets before she is comfortable with attention from strangers.  The best way to gain Shira's trust is to use treats as a reward for her calm and patient behaviour. Once she is comfortable with her new owners, she will tend to jump up, but she is learning to curb her impulses and sit and wait for the reward.

Shira currently knows how to sit, paw, and stay.  She is very intelligent and will thoroughly enjoy being taught new commands and tricks by her new owners.  Spending time training Shira will also help strengthen her bond with her new owners. Owners could even enrol her into training classes.

Shira has spent more of her life in kennels than she has in a home, so the adjustment period undoubtedly will take time and any home-alone time should be built up gradually, so she feels safe and secure in her new environment.

Shira has been mixed with other dogs and doesn't get on with female dogs. When Shira has been mixed with male dogs, she has shown to be very playful, but she can become quite frustrated. She would need to be the only dog in the home due to her frustrations during play, as this can sometimes lead to nipping and mouthing the other dogs when she gets overexcited, she also tends to sometimes take her frustration out on her handlers, although she doesn’t mean any harm, she would need to wear a muzzle when out on a walk.

Shira is a very active girl who loves to be out and about all the time and she would enjoy and excel at doing additional activities such as agility, canicross or bikejor.  She is a very active girl and will need more than just walks to burn her energy off. Her recall is okay, but it will need to be solid before she can be let off the lead in open spaces.

Shira would make a lovely energetic addition to a household who is willing to challenge her physically and mentally - with training classes, games, and general obedience etc, as this will strengthen the bond between her and the new owners.

Shira has been observed by her behaviourist who confirms she is ready for rehoming, but only under the right conditions. Her greeting behaviour and handling issues have improved dramatically, but she’ll need someone able to continue this.

Her new owners will need to be aware that rehoming to a new environment might cause regression and that new people will still need to be introduced carefully. They’ll need to be sure that they can intervene for Shira in situations where someone approaches to touch her.

Through hard work, she is now considerably less likely to repeat her behaviour from her previous rehoming, but she’ll still need management, as well as someone happy to continue working with her behaviours when she is overstimulated.

 The adoption fee for Shira is £200


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