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Slim is looking for a home that can continue all his basic training and socialisation - APPLICATION ONLY

  • Breed : Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mix
  • Gender : Male
  • Age : 8 months old (approx.)
  • Size : Medium
  • Good With Dogs : Yes
  • Good With Cats : Yes
  • Good With Children : 7 years and over

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Here we have Lil Slim Shady! And even though he is the smallest of the litter, he is currently the bravest compared to his chunky clumsy brothers. He has more of a pocket-rocket type of energy and enjoys jumping excessively when greeting the dog carers to the point you can catch him mid-air, as he flies towards you.

Slim has had a rubbish start to life and has only known kennel life which has been busy, rushed and loud where he has missed a lot of important information about the real world making everything scary. Most of the litter have suffered with demodex with Slim having the most fur loss. With treatment it is growing back, however you can still see subtle signs of where he had fur missing.

When Slim meets new people for the first time he can sometimes put his sensible head on or come off shy and timid on but don't be fooled. Once he starts to recognise you or is with his brothers you will see his personality come out and he will turn into the springy chap he is. 

He is very friendly and could live with children 7+ but is an over enthusiastic, easily excited pup that can be very jumpy and can sometimes nips. Ideally calm families with children who have been around boisterous dogs before and won't become scared or offended with his lack of manners currently. 

Slim loves food, anything from boring plain boneo to some tasty higher value treats. Despite being scared of most things, Slim shows a found confidence when taking on the agility equipment and may be his secret talent for when he is older. Other things Slim enjoys are; chasing the flirt pole with his brothers like a pack of hyenas, splashing around in the paddling pools and also destroying them. 

Slim is the most active dog out of the bunch yet at the same time overexcited/hyperactive and will need to be taught in junction an off-switch and calmness. He will need active owners that havehad a range of dog experience and ideally raising and training puppys/dogs.  

Slim is very much coming into adolescence and the dreaded ‘Kevin’ phase.  He has missed a lot of basic training and socialisation that most young dogs have had at his age and not had the luxury of living in a home before. However, Slim has so much potential and with owners willing to put in the time and effort with is training, he will soon flourish into the amazing pup we know he can be.   

Slim could live with another dog/dogs that are tolerable/patient with him being a puppy with not many social skills yet. He would suit an active, well socialised role model that in a way acts as a teacher dog for how to interact/cope with the big world which he hasn't much off.

Slim will be hard work with a few sleepless night and chewed furniture and will need owners that are going to be patient and consistent in training to turn him into a well-rounded adult or the next agility champion.  


The adoption fee for Slim is £275


If you are interested in adopting Slim, you will need to register your interest by filling in and returning one of our pre-adoption questionnaires (see below). 


If you live in rented accommodation, in addition to the completed pre-adoption questionnaire please include written permission from your landlord or housing authority, confirming that they are happy for you to keep a dog in the property. If you already have a dog/s the permission must state the number of dogs allowed – without this we cannot include the application.

Completed application forms and landlord permissions if applicable must be emailed to with ‘Slim’ in the subject bar, or hand your completed form into reception.

Emails sent to other addresses will not be considered.

**Slim will not be available for viewing until he meets his potential adopter**


Pre Adoption Questionnaire

Selection process:

A Dog Carer will assess each potential adopter on the information provided on the pre-adoption form.

The three most suitable homes for Slim will be identified. These suitable applicants will then be invited in at an appointed time to discuss the needs of the dog further.   We will then select the most suitable applicant.

The deadline for applications is MONDAY 15TH AUGUST at 4PM and the successful candidates will be contacted within 24 hours. Applications received after MONDAY 15TH AUGUST at 4PM will not be included. The successful candidate must be available to meet Slim for the first time on THURSDAY 18TH AUGUST (appointments start from 1:30pm).

Please note due to the increase in applications for all dogs and limited resource we will not contact unsuccessful candidates or give individual feedback.