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Could you be the special home that is needed for this lovely girl?

  • Breed : Mixed Breed
  • Gender : Female
  • Age : 7 years old (approx.)
  • Size : Medium
  • Good With Dogs : No
  • Good With Cats : No
  • Good With Children : 14 years and over

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Brie was handed in as her owner couldn’t cope with her care alongside her daughter's needs. Brie was stolen from her home when she was young and was out of her owners’ care for quite a while. However, she was found and returned but her personality had changed a lot since a pup, which is to be expected but home life had also changed since being lost. She wasn’t in the best condition when found and had signs of potentially having a litter. She was also suffering from fur patches missing from her coat which sometimes bled and were very itchy. We found out later her skin issues were more complex than they initially looked. After many vet appointments and a referral to a skin specialist, she is now looking a lot better and is finally ready to find her forever home.

She will need medication and management for her skin for the rest of her life, which also includes special food.  This can be expensive and potential owners need to bear this in mind.  Brie has been seeing a specialist vet and may need an appointment there in the future. We will go into more detail with potential new owners.

 'Discretionary contributions towards costs of medication will be considered'

Brie is a big favourite with the team, volunteers, and dog walkers and no one has a bad word to say about her other than she can be a bit stubborn when it comes to walking off-site. She is super friendly and despite being in kennels for longer than most whilst we investigated her conditions, she has always been easy-going, patient, and loving.

She is a confident, affectionate, and playful girl with tons of energy and potential. She is very sociable when meeting anyone new, she is enthusiastic and excitable in a typically staffy style with no concept of personal space and an ever-wagging tail.

Brie does not like other dogs and can be reactive towards them. Most of the time she will ignore them but will give a little whine if they get too close. She is used to the ones she sees here daily but there are times she has become quite reactive to others. Her previous owner did do some training with this, and it should be continued in the next home, but owners need to have realistic expectations. She also has a very high prey drive and can’t live with cats or small furries.

TOYS are Brie’s favourite, and she loves them all which makes it hard for her to decide which one to bring to you. She loves playing fetch, and tug with rope toys and sticks when out on walks. Brie is great fun to hang out with. She could run and play all day and will need owners who can keep up with her bundles of energy. Being an active dog, she will need a minimum of 1-2 hours of exercise twice a day. However, after her exercise, she settles well in her kennel and can be seen sleeping or looking out of the window.

Brie is a smart girl with a lot of enthusiasm for life. She does have some training from her previous owner but will need to be taught some of the basics. She is a dog that needs to be mentally and physically stimulated. Brie is a good walker, strong at times but not fazed by her environment. She will need a confident owner who has had similar breeds before. Her new owner must be comfortable when it comes to advocating for her needs and willing to put in the training to help her when dealing with her reactivity toward other dogs. When being handled whether by a stranger, the vet, or having a bath she has always been excellent.

In the previous home, she lived with a child and was said to be excitable but friendly. She could potentially live with a child 14+ in her new home however they must be mindful of her enthusiasm. They will need to have lived with a dog of her size and energy before.

She will need a garden and 6ft of secure fencing. Brie may be more suited to a more rural environment where she doesn’t see lots of dogs all the time. She can be left up to 4 hours, but this will need to be built up over the initial settling-in period.

Brie will require a minimum of two visits from the entire household ahead of the adoption process.

The adoption fee for Brie is £200