Adopting a Dog

Giving a home to an abandoned or unwanted rescue dog is probably one of the most rewarding experiences humans can have. However, it is important to realise that you will be taking on a serious commitment, and that your new dog will depend on you for its entire life – often up to 15 years.

We always have dogs of all ages, sizes and shapes ... all with different personalities, temperaments and needs. Some may need an extra-special new home, others may need owners with experience of their particular breed and some may not be suitable to share their new home with small children. Always keeping our dogs' characteristics and previous experiences in mind, we do our best to match the right owner with the right dog on an individual basis.

If you are considering taking a new companion into your home and family, please consider that you will need time and patience to allow for your new dog to settle in, as well as spend time on any training he or she may need. If you have small children, they should always be supervised around your new dog to avoid harm coming to either of them.

When choosing a new dog we strongly recommend that all members of the family the dog will be living with, come and meet the potential new family member.

Also please bear in mind that a dog you see, or a particular breed you may have set your heart on, may not actually be the most suitable dog for you or your circumstances.

Please note that if you are not the owner of your property we require a letter of authority for you to keep pets from your Landlord. This will be required before a reservation can be placed.

Please note that all adoptions are subject to a home check carried out by SDR to ensure the potential home is suitable for the dog to be adopted, more information on the home check procedure can be obtained by contacting the kennels.

The Adoption Process

When visiting our kennels in search of a new addition to the family, you will be asked to complete an adoption enquiry form to help us to find the pet that best matches you and your home environment.

So, please visit our kennels and join our adoption register. Our staff, who know each dog's previous circumstances and personality well, will only be too pleased to help you make that important decision. In the meantime, please visit our Dogs Available for Adoption pages to see the variety of dogs that are currently looking for a home of their own.

To make the adoption process as easy as possible, you can download our PDF Pre Adoption Questionnaire and complete it in the comfort of your home and save yourself time when you call in to visit us.

50 mile rehoming radius applies.



We ask for a minimum donation of one hundred and twenty pounds to assist us in our work.

To download the Application Form you will need Adobe Reader

PLEASE NOTE: Once you have registered with us, you can view the dogs ready for rehoming between the hours of 2:00 p.m. and 3:45 pm everyday except Thursdays.


To Reserve a Dog we will Require:- 

  1. Deposit – A £20 *non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a dog (*deposits are non-refundable unless the reserve is cancelled by Stokenchurch Dog Rescue). At the point of adoption the deposit will be deducted from the adoption donation
  2. Proof of I.D – Potential adopters will need to produce two forms of ID showing their address of which one must be photographic proof of identity(i.e. driving licence, utility bill/landlords letter) at point of reservation.
  3. Landlords Letter - If you live in rented accommodation, you will be asked to provide written permission from your landlord or housing authority, confirming that they are happy for you to keep a dog in the property. If you already have a dog/s the permission must state the number of dogs allowed. This will be required before a reservation can be placed