09th Aug 2022


















We had been due to go and see a terrier bitch on the Saturday, but Victor appeared on the website on the Wednesday and it was love at first sight. He had been found wandering the streets of Wales and on our first walk with him at Stokenchurch, he tried to climb into a rubbish bin. He had such a funny personality and large appealing eyes that we couldn’t resist him.  He was reactive and boy could he bark. 

The late, Debby Hicks was so supportive and became a firm friend during our regular visits to bond with Buzz as we had decided to call him.  We introduced him to his prospective sister Zoe and the two of them rubbed along together. When he first arrived home, we should have known challenges would be in store.  He chewed the towel up in the back of the car.  In the first week he chewed his way through 3 harnesses- the local pet shop loved him. Every time we went out the front door he barked and barked and barked - it was as though he had to get in first all the time. I’m not going to lie it was hard work and we did consider returning him; but with Debby always on hand to offer advice and support we continued.  He was such a funny, loving little lad and only turned into a ‘monster’ when we were out in public.

Puppy training was an experience for everyone involved, but with perseverance we passed.  Buzz absolutely loved his Wednesday nights, even if all of the humans attending knew it would be challenging.   He loved being the class clown and you couldn’t help but giggle at his antics. Everything was new to him - he didn’t like motorbikes, bicycles, people wearing hats, carrying bags; walking behind him etc etc.  We have overcome a lot of these but there are still times when he can revert back.

During that first year we nearly lost him as he suffered with a debilitating stomach virus.  The vets said he was a fighter and with a lot of love and attention we managed to save him. Buzz by this point had already developed his social media presence and it was Debby’s idea for me to write a book about his escapades.  She mentioned this again at a SDR fete when Buzz decided to chase the mascot up the paddock - Zoe and my sister pretended they weren’t with us. In 2019 Buzz had a second gastric episode where he was extremely poorly.  We were sat in the waiting room and I was chatting to a gentleman who looked familiar but I couldn’t place him.  Buzz and his dog were getting on and he told me he was a patron for SDR - the Penny clicked - Buzz and I had met Colin Baker.

Buzz really doesn’t do toys - but he does love the innard of a toilet roll and I will often find a soggy piece of cardboard buried under my pillow or under the duvet. During the first lockdown I got round to writing Buzz’s story. ‘Tails of Buzz The Rescue Dog’ with a pound from each sale going to SDR.  The book was written from what I imagine was his perspective and all his friends at SDR got special mentions: Debby, Sue, Jane, Nat, Richard and Nicola.

Buzz and Zoe do a lot of fundraising not just for SDR, but Hearing Dogs and Buzz has just been appointed (-albeit self-appointed) deputy CEO of Florence Nightingale Hospice.???? His Facebook page (Adventures of Buzz The Rescue Dog) has a regular following.   He is well known where we live and strangers often comment on what he’s been up to.  It was a little surreal when two children were with their grandma and came running up to see him, as they had read his book.

Last year he had a tumour on his paw which had to be operated on.  The vet found a second tumour further down underneath the first one- my poor little boy was once again in the wars but Zoe and one of us slept downstairs with him.

We have done agility with him, entered him into online and physical dog shows; he has taken part in charity walks.  However, seeing him interacting and playing with his canine friends makes me feel so fulfilled. From the little dog who was too scared to interact to him now actively seeking out his friends is doing rewarding. Last year and the start of this year has been particularly difficult.  We lost my mum (who Buzz adored) suddenly on Christmas Eve; then to hear of the passing of the lovely Debby who again he adored; followed by our next door neighbour passing away suddenly.   To anyone who says dogs don’t grieve then I will tell you, that you are wrong.  It’s taken time to lift his spirits, but he now has a special job to do he has to look after ‘grandad’ as ‘grandma’ isn’t here anymore.

We visit SDR regularly- normally bringing up some treats, or pre-loved toys for the dogs awaiting their forever homes.  Buzz LOVES going back and wanted to be out of the car to say ‘hello’.   We went up a few weeks ago and saw the lovely Jane, who could see the difference in him and like me couldn’t believe we have had our little man for 4 years. Every day has been a blessing - Buzz has filled our lives and those of our family and friends with much laughter.  Yes, he can still be reactive, but to hear people tell you what a different dog he is now to when he first arrived, makes everything worthwhile.  He may not be everyone’s perfect dog; but he is ours Thank you SDR and all the wonderful people that work and volunteer there and thank you for trusting us to look after Buzz.

Special thanks to Debby; I am sure she is watching over all the SDR dogs