11th Aug 2022

Luna now Lucy
















After seeing Luna's details on the SDR website, we met her and fell in love with her straight away, we'd lost our previous sighthound girls several years ago and didn't adopt again while we were both working.   Luna (Lurcher) adopted us in April 2021 and was renamed Lucy for her new start in life.

She's a fifth generation Smooth Saluki which we discovered following one of the more reliable DNA tests and we're starting to discover her family members which is interesting.

Lucy settled in really well quite quickly and despite being very stubborn if she feels like it, passed her Kennel Club Bronze Award for basic training a few month after joining us.

Now a very pampered Princess as befits a regal Saluki, she's a confident and highly sociable girl.   She loves to greet most other dogs and invite them to play with her, but typical sighthound, she likes to play "bitey face" which worries non sighthound owners !   Lucy loves having long weekends away at our holiday home in the countryside and has a Whippet friend who comes to visit her and they run loose chasing each other in a secure dog field.

It's been so rewarding to watch our new family member develop over the first year, hopefully forgetting the less than ideal former lives she'd had.   No longer nervous of traffic, she takes everything in her stride, we're so proud of her.  She has an incredibly loving nature (unless you're a small furry ! ) and is proving to be quite a smart girl too.   We bought her some puzzles to keep her stimulated and she finishes the advanced ones in a few seconds, we're thinking of enrolling her at a suitable University next !

Typically Saluki, she's aloof at times, stubborn and incredibly fussy about food, but she's well behaved, doesn't pester for food, never steals or chews and we love her to the moon and back, she's perfect in our eyes.

Looking forward to the rest of her life with us and all the fun and love she's going to bring.

Thank you SDR for trusting us with this beautiful girl.