09th Aug 2022

















I suffered from anxiety / depression for years and loss my dog after 2 years of illness last year. I was heartbroken and needed some companionship. SDR was kind enough to select me as an adopter for gorgeous little Tilly.

Tilly came into my life like a hurricane. She has no sense of personal boundaries and does not believe in feeling sorry for herself (or myself! ????). My life changed overnight. Her happy attitude, constant companionship and cheekiness have brought me so much happiness. My mental health is so much better than before. We have been on holidays together. She is so well behaved. Hotel, restaurant, public transport, shops, markets, ...She is such a gorgeous companion. She still refused to be left alone so I have found her an amazing day care for 2 days a weeks so that I can do my essentials while she is having fun with her friends. We are a very happy pair. We have a nice routine during the week and adventures on weekend. She gives the most amazing cuddles.


I am ever so grateful to you and the team. Tilly is a perfect match for me.