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Do you have a forever home for this intelligent little lad?

  • Breed : Jack Russell Terrier Mix
  • Gender : Male
  • Age : 2 years, 1 month old (approx.)
  • Size : Small
  • Good With Dogs : No
  • Good With Cats : No
  • Good With Children : 11 years and over

Currently Reserved

For more information call us on 01494 482695

Archie is a wonderful little lad who is full of energy and ready to join in on your adventures. 

Archie was handed into SDR when his owners could no longer give him the time and attention he requires. 

He is a highly active and intelligent little dog and will enjoy being taught further commands and tricks by his new owners.  Archie already knows sit, down, paw and other paw.  He enjoys learning and it is important that owners are able to provide mental stimulation to Archie on a regular, if not daily basis.  Additional ways to help stimulate Archie are providing him with activity toys so he has to work for his food.

Archie has a lot of energy to burn off, so a fully enclosed garden will be a must for him as it will be some time before he can go off lead in open spaces as he will need a solid and reliable recall taught to him due to his love of chasing wildlife.  He would also benefit from doing additional activities such as agility, but he would also enjoy doing some calming scent work too.

In a home with owners who have previously owned very active terriers, Archie will thrive.  He has a huge personality and a lot of potential, so with further positive reward based training and direction, he will make a truly wonderful and active addition. 

We are looking to home Archie as the only pet as he loves his toys far too much to share them.  

Can you offer this lovely boy a loving and permanent new home?