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Autumn is looking for a calm and quiet home

  • Breed : Mixed Breed
  • Gender : Female
  • Age : 2 years, 9 months old (approx.)
  • Size : Small
  • Good With Dogs : Not to live with
  • Good With Cats : No
  • Good With Children : 14 years and over

Thinking of adopting?

For more information call us on 01494 482695

Autumn's Video

Autumn is a lovely, nervous girl who arrived with us a stray from the local pound. She does take a while to settle in and get used to new surroundings and people, however once she does she is a sweet, affectionate little girl. New owners will need to give her the time and space she needs to get used to her new environment and not force her into interacting with lots of people straight away.

Autumn does enjoy having an explore in our enclosed areas, once she has worked up the courage to wander away from her handlers. She has shown some interest in toys when they are thrown and will sometimes chase after, however she hasn't quite worked out that she needs to bring it back for the game to continue. Other times she can be quite unsure when playing and will get a little scared.

Autumn doesn't appear to know any commands at present and so will need some basic training. Using positive reward based training will be a good way for new owners to build up a bond with Autumn and help to increase her confidence.

When mixed with other dogs, Autumn has shown to be quite reactive and would bark and lunge at them. As such Autumn would need to be the only dog in the home, this would also allow owners to give her the time and attention she needs.

Autumn will need owners who have experience with nervous dogs and will understand that she may take a while to fully trust them and settle into her new home. With a family that can give her the time and patience she needs she will make a wonderful and loving addition.

50 Mile rehoming radius applies