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Sid is looking for a very experienced Terrier home

  • Breed : Terrier Mix
  • Gender : Male
  • Age : 5 years old (approx.)
  • Size : Small
  • Good With Dogs : Yes - Not to live with
  • Good With Cats : No
  • Good With Children : 14 years and over

Currently Reserved

For more information call us on 01494 482695

Pre-Adoption Questionnaire

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Sid is an energetic little Terrier who loves to be on the go, out and about exploring. Although he is incredibly active, he loves having fuss made of him and will sit and look at you adoringly until you give into those puppy dog eyes. He was rehomed last year, but sadly has found himself back with us.  Sid is looking for an active home with people that have experience with hardy Terriers and will continue his training, keep him well exercised and mentally stimulated. 

He's previously had some training and knows the following commands; Sit, paw and he also walks nicely on the lead. He is a highly intelligent dog who would enjoy being taught new commands and tricks by his new owner. He is motivated by treats and will take them gently from you when offered. 

Sid also likes to play with his toys and will entertain himself until he has broken the toy or tired himself out. If he has a toy he will be very reluctant to relinquish it and we would advise that he would benefit from some basic training and learning that giving up the toy will be rewarded with a treat. 

Another extra activity that Sid may enjoy is either agility, canicross or bikejoring which will help to keep him physically fit and help burn off any extra energy. Sid is a very busy Terrier and needs a job to do - he won't be content with two walks a day. 

Sid was returned to us due to his behaviour upon seeing other dogs and his obsession with small creatures that had passed through his garden – causing him to redirect.  He has not shown any frustration behaviours when meeting other dogs that we have introduced him too, however this behaviour may return if he isn't stimulated enough both mentally and physically.

We have found him to generally be calm and polite when meeting other dogs if they are calm and do not pay him too much attention.  He has been off lead with a small female and walks well with other dogs of varying sizes.  The one thing Sid isn't overly keen on are larger dogs coming up close to his face.  He will give a little warning growl to them but will happily sniff and be sniffed.

We would recommend that Sid is the only dog in the home so owners can dedicate their time to him.  In an active household with owners who have Terrier experience, Sid will make a wonderful addition. Sid will require a good sized, fully secure garden with 6ft fencing as he has shown he can be a bit of an escape artist. 

In a rural environment with experienced owners who can meet his needs Sid will make a great fitness companion. 

Please note Sid is muzzled when out in public.


Please note due to the increase in applications for all dogs and limited resource we will not contact unsuccessful candidates or give individual feedback.

The adoption fee for Sid is £200

50 Mile rehoming radius applies

Stokenchurch Dog Rescue reserves the right to refuse to re-home a dog without giving due reason