Male & Female

Mojo and Daisy

14th Aug 2019

Mojo and Daisy have now headed off home together to join their new family

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Bambi and Thumper

16th Mar 2018

Bambi and Thumper have now headed off together to their new home

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Charlie and Holly

03rd Oct 2017

Charlie & Holly are now happy and settled in their new home

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Tarquin and Ruby

08th Aug 2017

Tarquin and Ruby has now gone to their forever home together.

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Buster & Millie

02nd Jun 2017

Buster & Millie have trotted off to their new home together

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Bailey & Lola

06th Jan 2017

Lola and Bailey have now found a new home

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Dobey & Marlee

20th Jul 2015

Dobey & Marlee have left SDR today to their forever home.

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