05th Oct 2021

No Fireworks, Please! Fundraising Campaign by Aanya Arora

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Through this story, I want to raise awareness of the effects of fireworks on our furry friends; of what goes on inside their minds and how these loud sounds can damage their wellbeing. I have a dog myself and every time fireworks go off it scares him so much! He will whine, shiver, and stay under one of the beds in our house until the next morning. It makes me extremely sad to see his plight and makes me wonder how we humans can be so ignorant about the needs of the other species which coexist with us on this planet. Wouldn't it be better if we set a specific time when the fireworks are allowed, so all owners know when to comfort their dog? I am not saying, 'Stop the fireworks!' I am saying, 'Please be more considerate and caring towards our furry friends and have planned fireworks.' I was intrigued to read this fact; that in the UK only there are about five and a half million dogs that are subjected to unnecessary fear and anxiety, caused by fireworks. My aim is to encourage people to consider this situation and to be kind to our pets and all animals. 

I want to donate £500.00 to animal welfare charity Stokenchurch Dog Rescue. 

Thank you


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