29th Mar 2014

Volunteer Foster Carers

Foster Carer

Re-homing to a permanent new home is, of course, our main goal for each of our homeless dogs, but finding good homes for all of them within a reasonable time frame is not always easy.

Some of our dogs' mental as well as physical welfare would benefit immeasurably from living in a home, rather than a busy kennel environment, which, for many is just too stressful.

It may be that some are simply getting on a bit in years and, although they are quite healthy, they really do need that bit of extra love, comfort and peace that can only be provided in a home environment. Whilst others have either been badly traumatised by previous events in their lives, or become too distressed in a noisy kennel environment.

For these reasons it is important that these resident dogs are taken out of the confines of a kennel environment where, all too often, behavioural and stress-related issues begin. We believe that by fostering a dog in an experienced home environment, any possible issues can be addressed at an early stage, including socialisation and contact with caring humans. This ultimately increases its chances of being adopted permanently. It is also important to remember that fostering, by definition, is a temporary arrangement until a dog can be found a permanent home.

Any vet bills needed for a foster dog will be paid for by SDR once the treatment has been authorised by the kennel manager.

Could you foster a dog?

We are currently seeking kind and understanding foster carers for some of our dogs, for whatever length of time you may wish to commit to.

Fostering a dog in need can be an extremely rewarding role, but it does require a high level of commitment, understanding and patience. If you feel that you can give that commitment to the welfare of an abandoned dog, would like to share your home with a dog in need and can meet the basic requirements below, we would love to hear from you.

Do you ...

  • have experience of caring for rescue dogs?
  • have time to commit to the needs of the dog to be fostered?
  • have a suitable environment for the dog to be fostered?
  • respect Stokenchurch Dog Rescue's decision on the long term future of the dog?

If you would like to know more, please contact us via our Contact form at the top of this page or call the kennels on 01494 482 695.