Mixed Breed


05th Sep 2021

Shira is looking for a patient and experienced home that will continue her training and give her the time she needs to adjust to a home life

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02nd Sep 2021

Sonny has now gone off to his new home

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09th Oct 2020

Bruno has now headed off to his home in the countryside for lots of new adventures!

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16th Jul 2020

Autumn has been adopted is is looking forward to her new life.

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28th Jun 2020

Danny was very excited to be joining is new family and has gone to start his new life.

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22nd Mar 2020

Kizzy is celebrating mothers day by heading off to her new home.

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10th Mar 2020

Max was happy to be heading off to his loving new home

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28th Feb 2020

Banjo has gone off to start her new life with her new family.

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14th Feb 2020

Rosie has not hopped off in her kangaroo style to her new home for lots of new adventures

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