Terrier Mix


08th Apr 2024

Little Woody, the last of the four pups has headed off to his new home this afternoon

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04th Apr 2024

Forrest has said her goodbyes and has headed off to her new home

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04th Apr 2024

Cheeky puppy Rain has headed off to her new home this afternoon.

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03rd Apr 2024

We waved goodbye to Dash this afternoon as he heads off to start his wonderful new life

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17th Mar 2024

Beautiful Patsy is looking for a home where she can put her paws up and enjoy all the fuss and attention she deserves

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21st Feb 2024

Elsa has headed off to her new home where she will have all the 1-2-1 time she deserves

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15th Jan 2024

Wonderful Tammy has bounced off to her new life!

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23rd Oct 2023

Lucky Bella has left for her new home.

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13th Jul 2023

Peggy has now become Trixie and has left for her happy new life.

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