Terrier Mix


22nd Jun 2018

Freya has now gone off to her lovely new home where we are sure she will be showered with love and affection

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18th May 2018

Vulcan will be using up all of his energy on lots of lovely walks with new owners in his new home

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18th May 2018

Nippa has now headed off home away from the noisy kennels into the peace and quiet of her new home - just what she wants

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01st May 2018

Walter has now headed off to his new home for lots of fun and adventures

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25th Apr 2018

Buster has now gone to his forever home for lots of long walks

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23rd Mar 2018

Hooch has now gone home to his forever sofa - such a lucky boy

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07th Dec 2017

Skip has now skipped off to his forever home and lovely new family

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01st Dec 2017

Dave has now headed off to his new loving home

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10th Nov 2017

Prince has now gone home to a new comfy bed and lots of attention

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