03rd Sep 2020

Gizmo has now trotted off to join his new family

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Kit Kat

02nd Sep 2020

Kit Kat has now headed off to his wonderful new home.

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Chandler Bing

27th Aug 2020

Chandler has headed off to his new home

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22nd Aug 2020

Pepsi has now been adopted by her wonderful new family

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13th Aug 2020

After 473 days in the care of SDR, Spacey has gone to her new home with lots of new adventures in store.

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23rd Jul 2020

Ruby has now headed off to her lovely new home.

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23rd Jul 2020

Molly has now trotted off with her lovely new family.

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16th Jul 2020

Autumn has been adopted is is looking forward to her new life.

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13th Jun 2020

Monty has now found the quiet home that he was looking for.

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